Artist’s statement & Bio

My passion for filmmaking, writing and acting is rooted so incredibly deep inside of my heart and beyond the realms of my soul. Writing, creating, this is an innate process to our nature, though some choose to attain the mastery of these blatant art forms: film, painting, music, writing etc., these means of expression are meant for all on some level in order to evolve as individuals. As an artist my duty is to walk the, at times, treacherous and blissful paths of life coherently and through this perpetual process I shall continually attain a better understanding of myself and society as whole thus bringing us together in the form of true entertainment; because we are one and experience the same ego driven fears, self-righteous demeanor and existential dilemmas – our tragedies are all shared and this is why art supersedes time. Purposeful art delivers thought-provoking means of expression, shaking the audience, having them in either tears or immense laughter or both; emotionally imperative creations from the conscious-unconscious soul have the audience reevaluate their morals. Blood-trailed creations leave us with this solid reminder: Life is about constantly rediscovering your Self in the frequently-visiting abyss over and over and over again, trekking through to the ambient light, thus endlessly overcoming. Taking sufferings and expelling them upon the canvas; for the best art comes from pain and the best flowers come from rain.

Now that you know how truly fucking well-thought I am as to what I do, let me tell you my accolades: I’m a self-taught artist that has self-produced 22 films (3 of them being feature-length and the rest with around 30 minute run-times); in these films I write, direct, act, do the cinematography, editing, sound, and in my most recent feature film I even composed an original score, which I will now be doing for the rest of my career. I’ve published 7 books varying between philosophy, poetry, comedic essays, academic and I have several more in the works. I’ve written about a hundred screenplays, quite a few plays, and I’ve starred in off-Broadway productions as well. I created my company LowWiseZah Studios in order to generate my own original content both visual and literary, and also with the means of collaborating with other production companies and artists that share the same passionately persistent drive. I don’t think I have to say this due to the in depth reasoning highlighted in this essay but I will: you won’t meet a more determined being than I.

I’m famous; my audience just hasn’t found me yet… but they will.    And I might already be famous but I didn’t change this statement/bio, so if that’s the case, omit that… though the saying does ring endless. But just so I don’t forget, let me just say: I’m fucking famous. Thank you.

With immense gratitude,

Michael Angel Loayza Jr.