Filmmaker. Writer. Actor. Cinematographer. Editor. Poet. Lyricist. Composer. Playwright. Philosopher. Autodidact.

To peacefully fight for freedom, truth, education, science, and most importantly Logic, I wrote this bit. I’m very proud of it. Enjoy!

More write ups for my newest feature-film ‘Desolate Soul & The Lingering Ghost’… I self-produced, wrote, directed, acted in, did the cinematography, sound, editing, and even composed the original score; I put my heart, soul, blood & tears into this film to the point of transcendence beyond my Self.

Thank you for the praise Indie Activity! Check out the Q & A and then the Case Study for a more in behind the scenes, both creatively and industry-wise.

Also, it seems I’ve been doing well in the Horror genre due to the beautifully articulated review of my newest feature film from Morbidly Beautiful and with that being said I’ve released my first fiction novel (and 9th book) which of course is of course a bone-chilling horror… Click Here to Purchase!

Home: A Poet’s Exploitation – Click Here to Purchase (my most recent book of poems)

Our Nature: Poems of the Lion’s Soul – Click Here to Purchase

Light Upon The Labyrinth: Essays, Meditations & Introspective Journaling – Click Here to Purchase

Rebirth of a Desolate Soul: Poems of Love, Heartache & Nature –Click Here to Purchase

Insubordination… And A Full Release: an Articulated Defiance and a Manic Spew – Click Here to Purchase

91: Posies Full Of Rosies – Click Here to Purchase

Michael Loayza’s Big Book of Original and Useful Scenes For Teens and Young Adults: – Click Here to Purchase

Rose Petals: Poems and Short Stories   – Click Here to Purchase

Rose Petals: Poems and Short Stories written and inspired by Life and its meaning, as well as The Tides of Grief to come along with it after mourning.

Reminisce: Poems and Short Stories Following Rose Petals. – Click Here to Purchase

Reminisce: beautiful poems and short stories following its previous other half Rose Petals.

Creative Genius: A Degreeless Dissertation – Click Here to Purchase

Creative Genius: A Degreeless Dissertation