Who I am

I’m an artist that has become innately in tune with my higher present self, the world and its people. The duty of a creator, of an eye-opening mind-altering entertainer, is to project the light upon individual observations and experiences, to eradicate shame and its ego-riddled backbone, and to naturally promote universal harmony while in the process.

True Art promotes unbiased education and opinions; it births a peaceful evolution by way of rebellious individuality. With purposeful entertainment, I envision a more compassionate society to be bloomed, I see a more vibrant society that is joyous and in harmony with nature and all of its blisses. 

I’ve written, acted in, produced and directed, over 40 projects (including 4 feature films). I’ve published 12 books ranging from poetry to philosophy to narrative fiction and even academic. I’m beyond structured and I’ve grown into a humble professional, an ever-evolving master of my chosen crafts, and an enthusiast for being one with Life. I will continue to grow as a human being while peacefully promoting the unchained freedom from the ego, egos, and its corporate proprietors, while advocating for individuality and nonconformity: the only traits that breed genuine compassionate evolution.

Why I Create

Why I create – I create, I write, I entertain, to evolve my egoless self to something that is inarticulate to truly speak of within this material world. I work and practice to be the best human being that I’m capable of being by simply just being present with what is; and in doing so I wish that this is shared to others in the form of a simple untainted smile or kind words – I create to exploit the ego’s perpetuated lies of isolation and to shamelessly share my experiences because all experiences are shared, and despite all being incredibly unique like a snowflake, all still fall to the same silent-white blanket.

I create to remind all that they are not alone and everything is going to be okay because the choice is always yours regardless of the circumstances or conditions. Through my art I now attempt to awaken a higher consciousness within this world and reduce the amount of suffering among the lives of people. I’ve worked diligently to better comprehend my mind and its stories, the great suffering that I’ve experienced and how I’ve interrupted (or misinterpreted the world), while always having the awareness in the background that the sky, the ocean, the trees, and stars are all our shared Home. By performing egoless productive selfishness, I have been able to reach heights and moments of Presence unimaginable to myself – I am so humbly proud of what I have become and continue to be. I am so far from perfect that it’s perfectly perfect.  

want and need nothing – something echoes the opposite but these are merely distractions from this very blissful moment.

I have wishes and dreams but I have cut the cord of suffering to them quite some time ago – if they are to be they will be but I enjoy this moment just too much to even bother fanaticizing – I have formless faith residing in the center of my body that cloaks me with invisible love when needed. I had just felt it moments ago when my tears watered the soil.

Working in the now later produces the how, I say.

I create to encourage innate individuality and self-love, because without this no genuine evolution will ever occur – as the institutions and their collective attempt to warp the mind of the individual, I create to free it towards a peaceful rebellion. Because I have developed this deeply rooted love and appreciation for all aspects of myself (ego included), I have been able to give such great untainted love to all. Through the realization of Presence, I have felt the Universe, Nature, God, whatever one desires to call it, gift me with eternal life. I have an ego but I am not my ego. I have a mind but I am not my mind. I have a body but I am not my body; the body is just a temporary vessel of life, though it is beautifully complex and is to be valued and treated lovingly – I have acknowledged the darkness, the anger, the sadness, the hatred, the fear, the anxiety and the nihilistic despair, that that ego creates, but I have learned to become the observer and in doing so I have risen above thought and have become at peace, even when seemingly not. I accept and fear nothing despite what my mind occasionally says because I am absent of I.

The Mind has its limits – Knowledge too has its limits – Wisdom, the Life-enhancing ways of being is limitless. When we realize that we truly know nothing, all will be healed. When we laugh for no reason, all will be healed. A utopia is of the future – this true world is right now in this very moment. I create to manifest the light of peace, love, kindness, laughter, and spaciousness, to all. I create to grow an innate universal harmony amongst all seemingly lost souls. I’m lost as we speak, and now I’m lost for words…

And for those that argue that this present moment contains nothing for them, I ask you where then do these beautiful memories live? – memories live in the present and the attachment to them only lies in their longing to the future or to the want or need of more – gratitude is innately birthed when all is embraced without strings – gratitude is the very essence of the present moment – pieces of the past create the only thing that is truly self-sustaining: the Present Moment – the Here and Now. When something is done for expectation or for material gain all of its divinity is then lost – a caged bird sings for itself and no one else. This moment is so powerful that all of the beautiful memories we cherish, memories that are now inexistent within perceptive reality, literally reside here within this Present Moment – not only are dreams a portal to somewhere else, but also Grateful Consciousness has the ability to allow us to visit moments in time that light up our souls within this very moment. How extraordinary! What euphoric chills…and how simple. The future never comes or becomes because it’s always the present moment. There is a great flaw in Time and within the ego’s mind. If one can only let themselves be then they would be forever free.