Salem Tyranny (an excerpt from one of my working books)

An excerpt from my newest books:

          Thomas rides through the streets of NYC and the heart of Time Square – it’s packed with tourist and people wearing face masks. The city still thrives with foot traffic and new forms of businesses: custom face masks, virus testing sites, and even cloaked doctors on the street swabbing people – a new form of police arrest those that are not wearing masks and holding anti-vaccination signs.

At redlights people willingly subject themselves to temperature checks. The billboards up above show ‘Friends and Family’ getting shots with robotic smiles upon their brainwashed faces – a street doctor wearing a futuristic bird-like Bubonic plague mask approaches Thomas and flashes his credentials.

          “Please lift up your helmet, sir.” Asks the masked and scrubbed individual – black scrubs give off an even eerier presence but the doctors wear black and the nurses red in order to differentiate between each other.

          The light turns green and Thomas wheelies passed them – the street doctor jumps out of the way.

          Little did I know what the persecution of freedom looked like when I was a kid. This was now the norm in New York City – more and more became separated while the city “supposedly” was getting healed; truthfully it was destroying itself from the inside out and it was blatant with any sense of logical thinking – I was happy to simply drive through that little dictatorship, the once capital of the world, New York City. But being the beacon for the rest of the world, the city’s government and its guidelines slowly crept in throughout other “progressive” left-winged extremists – the religious and self-righteous ‘right’ created a new monster that was all-too similar to its own reflection. As the institution’s centralized powers realized that faith to an external force was dying and the death of god was becoming prominent in a materialist society, the State and its puppets then took over as the all-giving ‘rights “gifting”’ gods, that profited from propagating seemingly empowering movements that only filled their own and their puppet masters’ bound pockets. They began masking their true intentions by passively giving We The People freedoms that have truthfully been ours since before the beginning of time, and too confusing the minds of the lost with endless choices, with overly identifying with form and gender, pushing the people further away from the formless Divine Energy of innate spirituality – simply put: they discovered conniving ways to segregate the people and keep them fighting against one and other while “gifting” them false freedoms and “equal” opportunities – the individual became lost in the heard and began ‘living’ within a brainwashed democracy – a masked democracy so sneaky that its antonym ‘communism’ slowly molted into its synonym.        

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