The Deep Connection of Moviemaking:

When spending time with the creation, you develop a personal relationship with it; it becomes very intimate and if the ego gets involved it can become as equally toxic as a conventional relationship with another being: attachment, possession, obsession, etc. Similar as to how painting begins as the awareness and observation of a subject, so does moviemaking – it begins in that very present moment and carries on later into the editing period, piecing moments of time together that are no longer present, and creating from memory what was and is the truth of that very moment. Every last detail comes down to keeping the truth of the characters, the reality of the scene, the flow of the story, to keeping the truth of a moment within a moment that no longer exists – this is the process of digital moviemaking – and though there’s no splicing with hands and fingers like its sibling filmmaking, it’s equally as intimate and contains an even broader range of tools due to technological advances – the power of creation and connection in the form of art becomes stronger as we as species become desensitized to the simplicities of Life, only to later again be saved and reminded by the artists with the world at their fingertips. And here, a dream is created – here, a new world begins.

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