Trilogy of Love


True love knows no time,

True love knows no age,

True love knows nothing,

True love accepts all,

True love seeks nothing,

True love wants nothing,

True love needs nothing –

True love is absent of the mind,

True love is devoid of time,

True love is letting go

When the Seed of Presence

No longer shows.


Look at all of the emotions that arise

When you think of our demise –

Look at the possession you seek

That is making you weak –

Contemplate our memories

Before they were intentions,

Contemplate your words

And their deepest reflections –

Contemplate the love for me

That lingers deep beyond your mind,

Contemplate the separation

Between age and time,

Contemplate the blissful presence

That we once shared,

Contemplate the beginning

When all we had was care;

Now, look into my eyes

And tell me that I’m not the love of your life,

If you think this is true

Then your mind has become a knife –

Contemplate why “I’m different,”

This is simply because I am

The purest you

Despite the tears that I’ve wept

I assure you we are not through –

The beginning can be the endless beginning

If our minds don’t let it end,

If we feel beyond intentions

Present souls will too soon mend –

I am life itself and so are you:

The midnight sky,

The sunset’s hue.

I’ll Show You

You asked me how I could even love you,

And I told you because you is not truly you;

We shared what was not of this world

Until it was locked away

And all was seemingly through,

As the ego grew that still wasn’t you

Presence seemed to no longer stay,

The blissful children

Then no longer played –

“I’ve never felt like this before,”

Because “this” is not a feeling

Nor can it be felt;

This is the greatest gift of all,

This presence

Is the soul that melts –

When Time became the answer

It soon became a cancer –

What you did and what you said

And how you misinterpreted my deeply felt words,

Have painted a picture of great pain

That made the mind’s story absurd and insane,

And now I write to the hungry birds –

Crossing paths as you go on to give

The temporal presence that I love,

My heart breaks while I re-contemplate

All of the above –

We birthed beauty into this world

And you attempt to devalue its meaning,

It is not even truly of this world

And this is what sent you gleaming

Into here and now,

Into even God’s breath

I solemnly vow –

It’s as if I seek to put together words

To heal your tarnished soul

But I already know

That within your present essence

You are already whole –

I play and sing for myself

With the wish that you would hear,

To again find your Presence

And to release all of your ego’s fears –

He’ll see the best of you

And this is what kills me;

He’ll see the life in you,

The same life that thrilled me –

Remember that I never wanted

Or needed anything from you,

And I remember for you it was the same;

Remember when there was innate love

And not a desired gain –

Remember when there was no future,

Nor was there a past –

Remember when it was the beginning,

Remember when it didn’t last:

The moment that Time interfered,

The moment that Presence disappeared –

The moment that the ego reappeared.

One might ask: What does this do for me?

And I’ll tell you again that “this” isn’t you.

Once you realize this power,

The skies will again turn blue.

A utopia is in the future and

If you want a glimpse into the future

Then look deep within my eyes to the Present,

The Universe’s greatest gift

That no wealth could ever buy;

Embrace it now

And don’t ask how,

Just breathe and all subsides –

The breath is a reflection of

Its ever-healing selfless self,

Formless and empowering

That gives life to everything else.

The kingdom of heaven lies within,

It sits in the eyes of your best friend,

It is not over there or somewhere else,

It is Here right now,

Even when by yourself;

It lives within

Through thick and thin – 

The mind cannot truly conceptualize

The Divine Energy of God

In which I speak,

I’ve dug much deeper

And sometimes I go weak,

But I assure you that through the

Love of the egoless Self,

You will naturally embrace everyone else –

Allow it to be the endless beginning,

You will never cheat yourself,

You will always be winning.

Thought is superficial when it stems from egoic fears,

The mind then becomes a prison

That leaves one in endless tears –

If you desire to argue against these deeply felt words

Then ask yourself who’s speaking or judging,

Ask yourself what it’s worth –

And if it’s worth something

Then it’s worth nothing. 

2022 All Rights Reserved. Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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