Poems of The Higher Self

Love knows no time.

Nothing blinds and binds the heart other than the mind and its planned intentions.

I now sing to you from prison while being innately at peace:


My jaw attempts to hold onto all that has pained it,
Reflecting on death and the moments that veined it –
Anger is no longer I;
Sadness is its friend but I no longer die –
Once an emotion turned inside out,
I no longer choose to scream and shout –
Productive action marks its way,
In this purgatory I no longer stay –
I sit,
I face it,
And then I play –
Mark my words,
You too will find your way –
My state of mind is beyond reason
And my Higher Self is one with seasons –
Though my heart occasionally aches
Like a star about to combust,
I no longer desire passion,
I no longer desire lust –
I embrace all that comes,
I no longer run –
I am the falling moon,
I am the rising sun –
I am the whole Universe,
I am too God,
I am too incredibly odd –
I am too you,
I am the sky molting
From black to blue.
I am thoughtless and contain all meaning,
I am the reason why this world is gleaming –
I am no better than you –
You are no better than me –
Despite what we’ve done,
We are forever one with the sea –
Let yourself go and you will forever be free –
The mirror will become clearer
When what’s inside becomes superior.

Pain Body & Self-Talk

It comes like a storm,

A wave of emotions flowing through my mind;

All turns upside down –

Presence feels trapped to the

Overwhelming rush of emotions –

Pain masks itself in the form of fear –

I leave and go there and to everywhere –

The angst and pain arise from nowhere and

Doesn’t truly exist unless I give it energy –

The energy is then wasted and could rather

Be used productively –

I’m aware and always have been aware…

So, it is I that is in power –

There is nothing to fear –

All is okay –

There is no reason to feel down on yourself

After all you’ve accomplished,

There isn’t a reason to create these stories

To make yourself suffer;

There is no reason to be worried about life or death,

Sickness or what’s to be –

Living is effortless and without thought –

Never make decisions when you’re uncomfortable –

All passes;

Emotions are seasons. 

2022 All Rights Reserved – Michael Angel Loayza Jr

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