Fragile states of mind seem to dissipate like clouds parting from a storm to make way for the sun; it’s natural and cannot be stopped or controlled. It can be questioned but why question what’s to be when it happens so gracefully – it’s the respect for this temporal peace and blissfulness that defines us through the “good” and “bad” times. This state can be carried through all moments of flux but there is stillness when the mind is empty yet encompassing everything around and within it; its state is without words and unworldly. 

There are moments in life when a morbidly dark existential dilemma occurs. Events in our life bring up inquiry to what we are and why we are living-breathing humans. These are the moments of tenderness, of utter pain, and the more aware we are to what lies beneath these reasoning’s of morbidity, the more we can shamelessly observe these states, the more we can establish a sense of self-imposed order within the chaos by being absent of self; a respect for our deeply rooted conditioning becomes our eternal awakening – it is within this that compassion and self-love innately occurs. Patience is extremely necessary to make peace with these dark moments but then this naturally all passes; and if not whatever now lingers has no one left to listen it. Though it does take practice to learn the Natural Ways of Letting Go. 

During one of my daily meditations, I hysterically cried; this had happened quite a few times and what a release it was, I didn’t question it, I didn’t ponder where it came from, though there were a slew of emotions that I was going through at the time and I’m aware of the roots, but I didn’t care what the definitive reason was. I let out the tears and moved on. I’m sure this will periodically happen and it’s quite possible that it’ll happen for the same reasons prior, that same old pain-body attempting to live on, but it’s in the release that the growth of presence occurs.  

The torturous future and the poisonous past – as if a rotting corpse isn’t enough to remind us that death could come at any moment, we also have moments in time that are inexistent but they still taunt and haunt our conscious and unconscious mind – what a crazy species we are! How flawed and how small most of our troubles truly are. What tortured beings we are, so conflicted, so inquisitive, that when we attempt to search for the existential answer unknown to even some of the greatest minds in history that we could self-combust. The great minds of history admittedly know one thing though: that they don’t know. Death only exists to the simple mind of the ego; the Higher Self senses the truth in the void and feels the eternal recurrence at its core. The ego is synonymous with false-selfhood. The Higher Self is composed of the synergistic energy derived from beyond us but too within us, it is universal and some sort of spiritual phenomenon that is inarticulate by words; it’s a masterpiece in its own way and is the essence of the Creative Genius thus gives passion its own intense meaning. The Creative Genius utilizes all aspects of the human condition and the Higher Self to the innate harvesting of human evolution; they are in highly in tune with themselves thus they are in harmony with all – at times, their psychological disposition may seem manic, melancholy, and everything in between, but the capability of cultural greatness lies within their fingertips. All becomes lost when the artist becomes trapped in their art; art is the expression of self – art is the exploitation of the ego and persona. Art is the connection to the universal God because God is the original creator therefore, he is the first artist – or there may have been more before her. Whoever painted Nature and all of its beauties truly has something great living within them and perhaps it was every soul on earth – Nature and the Universe was so jaw-droppingly stunning that Pain, Suffering, Death, and Evil, was then birthed, and too the Ego – for they all work together and are the best of friends. The Creative Genius has become the only true living and breathing reincarnation of God him or herself; society must understand how truly essential these beings are to keeping all things in harmony with the infinite flow of reality and beyond it – or as Lao Tzu would call it The Way

“The greater the anxiety, the greater the man.” Kierkegaard said. Creative Genius’ use it as a tool to enlightenment. 

Dostoyevsky spoke, “Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.” But one does not need to be the sadness and this is greatness. 

When the fragile mind lets itself break, no mind steps forth and so does the Higher Self – life then becomes that much richer.

Finally, Nietzsche. “For the heights one scales when one is able to look into the dreadful abysses of life, to experiment with the most painful thoughts and the most extreme forms of nihilism, and still be able to emerge from such depths and affirm life, saying yes to it in its totality, is arguably the highest state a human being can attain.”

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