When I was a child, before I knew anything, and even now after learning so many things and still knowing nothing, I used to ponder why people never questioned what they were told – in fact I still muster up this thought while observing the patterns of humanity. Whether it be the government, religious institutions or academia, most human beings are rather compliant to any form of authority – this nauseates me – it always has, since before I could even articulate these frequent thoughts and observations. I don’t know what this inbred rebellion was that flourished in my youth to now but I know that it’s incredibly resilient and has the strength of the world. If you wonder as to why I feel worship and lack of questioning irk me, just look where it has led us in the Past and even the Present – without question, the world falls to hands of sociopathic twits who preach your best interest – without question, the world ceases to evolve and all humanity is lost – the innocence of the child’s mind dissolves to a regurgitative robot and becomes a mirror of the all-knowing authoritarian parent. Tyranny begins to grow when the people choose to accept truths that are not even their own out of fear and laziness. Individuality dies when skepticism is smothered.

When I was in Catholic school, I remember being told the teachings and stories of Jesus; I was absolutely perplexed by not only the Sunday school teachers gullibleness to the absurd mysticism, but too the children around me that accepted everything that they were fed – they questioned nothing – and if I questioned something the answer back was “Because it says so…” – great logic, huh. Hearsay, I say!  Goethe said it perfectly, “I hate everything that merely instructs me without augmenting or directly invigorating my activity.”

Moses parting the Red Sea is most definitely not for me – and Jesus turning water into wine and his other mystic miracles are downright not divine (unless you really like wine and magic) – though if the healings and stories weren’t worshipped, thus labeled as absolute truths, and became synonymous with the notion of Greek mythology, it might appear a tad more interesting to me and deem more respect to all who don’t follow. More importantly, biblical values negate and repress many natural human emotions: revenge, anger, lust, sex, betrayal etc. and though these are not ideal character traits for the spiritualist, they are essential to acknowledge as a part of the human condition and they cannot be masked in the name of Shame – they must be accepted and humanely expelled in the name of Human Freedom (a Dionysian festival).

The Greek Gods and the myths of their Heroes were all created as tools to better understand the egoic mind; they transcended their suffering to innate creativity and thrived in the realm of evolutionary philosophy. Historical Texts is what all of these religious scriptures are to me – symbols to understanding the Past as it continues to repeat itself. I use the Bible as an example because I was brought up in a Catholic household and I would say that it has maintained its popularity due to the fact the people choose to become what their born into – whether it be family or politics, the lack of questioning and the choosing to deviating from self-growth and self-validation is definitely prevalent. The country I live in, the United States, bases their values upon the bible yet abide by not even one teaching of Jesus – a majority of followers abide by empty values. This doesn’t mean that I don’t value religious texts and scripture – some of the most beautiful poetry, metaphors, and aphorisms, were most definitely well-articulated until the ego got in the way of the Holy Spirit. I also choose to reference Christianity because they’ve been the most successful to carrying the truth of this religion to the present and are responsible for just about every other religion being birthed after it – so culturally it’s an interesting and accidental feat. This particular religion has conditioned and ingrained cultures throughout the world due to the Roman Christians killing anyone and everyone that had gotten in their way – once Constantine I adopted the religion from his slaves, all then moved forward as a cloak of self-righteousness to shield all who worshipped the man on the cross. In more recent times, reference the mafia or the true and reigning coterie, the United States Government and its corrupt Pharmacological-Media Proprietors; all using the name of God for one purpose only: greed. Power is the core drive of the ego.

 As I’ve stated in other essays, the words within the bible promote fear, shame, guilt, and were intended for control and order, as well as to justify a partially false morality among all of those who were not yet in tune with their consciousness; though this was necessary during a time of chaos while consciousness was growing, there were (in my opinion) better and more grounding teachings available (Vedas, Buddhism, Taoism etc.) that didn’t excluded the egoic “human condition” but possibly inaccessible demographically and maybe too would’ve later become corrupted anyway. The point being: Tyrants have used the name of God to conquer, kill and control from the beginning of time and nothing has changed whatsoever since then. In Hollywood they rewrite a lot of stories; this too seems to be the case in the revisions of each ancient scripture starting with Egypt’s Pyramid drawings, Gilgamesh, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam – all have pieces of the scriptures prior that evoked influence and all have an all-too similar story, customs and values. I must “stress” that it is not the religious traditions, values, and history that makes shackles to the individual but rather the attachment and lack of inquisitiveness to one’s own faith; it is mentally and physically unhealthy and lacks true humanity: the embracing and acknowledgment to all aspects of the human condition (collectively, primitively, and presently). One can believe and still question. Conventionalized Christianity is based upon not the teachings of Jesus but the Ego of Man. The judgmental father in the sky was created by man’s fear of Death and lack of control to a downward spiraling society.  Now one must look to the flag for the new God; for this is what we have created. This is what religious values have molted into; they still wear the mask of shame but justify their ends by greed and patriotism to a nation that pays no mind to its patriots. I don’t preach the end all cultures, values, and religious traditions, such as the globalist agenda does, where every house looks exactly the same – where everyone (other than the elite) owns nothing (including their soul) and is stupidly happy; I simply address the dire attachment to fixed beliefs and the lack of questioning to their validity and the integrity of their indoctrinated values that only become empty due to the lack of questioning and smothering of one’s own innate curiosity.

This dangerousness is in the hands and minds of the people, along with their inability to see through and make peace with what may be blatant lies and fables. The lack of questioning and skepticism breeds not a passive society but a compliant society subordinate to the hand that pretends to feed it; the very hand that depends on the mouths of the people for its own survival – the empty hand that they can take and slap themselves in their greed-filled fucking faces with.

We deserve better; we deserve truth and honor; we deserve freedom. The established order shames the teachers who attempt to advocate freedom and a true religious experience because it threatens all of the concrete lies that have been bought and sold; but many are seeing through and beyond it – many are downright sick of it. I believe the system is slowly collapsing and will soon destroy itself. As I see more and more people with a supposed “full-immunity” to their fragile impermanence still wearing their masks, fearful and skeptical to what they’ve been fed, it makes me realize that the sheep aren’t truly sheep; it makes me realize that there is still a seed of doubt directed to their supposed shepherds – and in these seeds of doubt lie the germination of no just a higher culture, or a higher Self, but endless truths that remain untrue.

2022 All Rights Reserved. Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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