Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Choice

To the ‘Cancel Culture’ Cunts, Extremists & Monopolies,

Said simply: Do not tell me what I can and cannot say. Do I tell you what to think or who to pray to or who to worship (State, flag, country, religion, political party, et cetera)? Do you want me who you can pray to, what you can identify with, what you can believe in or what you can say? The only thing I will ever teach or preach is to think freely and to do so as an individual.

A wise man once said, “Without my faith, I’d be lost.”

A sage witfully replied “With your faith, you are lost.”

The wise man naturally held the wisdom within, but his perspective was skewed by the clinging chatter of the ego. Because one who is lost is forever found. One who abandons all faith accepts the most absolute truth – one who throws away their identity becomes one with what is. When one becomes one with what is the enlightened being steps forth. The true believers are skeptics; this is essential to be aware of while living in a society that is headed to tyrannical hell. So again, do not censor me or attempt to do so – or do (it doesn’t mean I’ll listen); the beauty is that we have the Freedom to Speak – but the true beauty is the cultivation towards the Freedom to Think.

©2021 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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