The sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D, the media and government have not promoted any supplement whatsoever DESPITE its own research to prove it (along with many other supplements) as SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and CHEAP.

So, let’s look at government funded research courtesy of the NIH – (since the people so direly trust their government nowadays):

Let’s look at another study involving GERIATRIC PATIENTS:

“If you are deficient in Vitamin D,” Fauci says, “that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection…” Even he himself takes the supplement! There are few things that this guy says that I value but this is GOLD for all who worship this corrupt, incompetent, inhumane, animal torturing, calloused individual – who’s soul has been painted green and red with greed and blood due to the withholding of this simple life-saving information – but mind you he is not alone. 

VITAMIN D costs pennies! Why wouldn’t you take it as a precautionary measure… (and K works with it synergistically to prevent arterial calcification)

It is all here, friends! Why is the government and media not speaking about this?! Maybe because it takes money out of the pharmaceutical company’s pockets (and their own) – maybe because Pfizer pays millions to advertise on CNN to tell the people that they’re their “savior”…   

Another published paper from the NIH:

Why is the FDA after holistic and natural based doctors that only want to help despite their own evidence regarding Vitamin D, C and other supplements – MONEY.

But here, in their own research, the NIH STATES THIS!

Just in case you need more proof from your beloved and “Trusted” Government:

AND let’s keep it going:

I’m starting to like this investigative journaling – because I’m seeing more and more people suffer mentally, physically, and all at the hands of the media, healthcare industry – I’m sick of hearing innocent children talking about “if they don’t get the vaccine they’ll die…” and to clear that up let’s look at this from the CDC and unjustify the toxic bullshit surrounding the mass vaccination of children:

That is roughly the same yearly deaths in children and teens as the flu.

767 children/teenage reported deaths from COVID.

And here is from Flu data from the CDC:

Roughly 434 deaths from the flu in children and teens. So, what is going on here? Really, I ask you? No death of a child is a laughing matter, so now with miscarriages growing and heart problems in healthy children rising, why risk injecting them with something so logically experimental.

How the fuck can they say this? – even despite their own shared data!  According to Government Data, Children are not at risk of dying from COVID!

Here is the VAERS DATA from just the US alone:

There is no pandemic amongst children and realistically there is no pandemic amongst the world regarding COVID – but there most definitely is a Health Pandemic:

I again, am taking time away from my creations in order to share life-saving information with the ones that I love – which is you – I don’t know you but I am one with you.

Let’s say it again: FUCK THE SYSTEM

For PART I and More Factual Info — Click Here


Effects of Vitamin D on COVID-19 Infection and Prognosis: A Systematic Review – PubMed (

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