The Satirical Corona Rhyme

Isolation, mask mandates, social distancing, the rise of alcohol, drug, and domestic abuse – the burying of freedoms and the tyranny of truth…

What the fuck is happening today – it seems like everyone’s lost their way, they’ve made their choice, they’ve tossed their voice, and all at the hands of the tyrant’s noise – they’ve hung their noose – and to what abuse? – the brainwashing media and the vapid news – and “influencers” too… how about you?

They’ll tell you how to think and what to drink –

They’ll tell you that you can’t strengthen your immune system with vitamin C and zinc, no, no, no – no vitamin D either – there is no hope but take a breather; there is no cure and you may even die but don’t cry – there is a “vaccine” – there might be side-effects but you may be pristine – we’ve rushed the trials and changed the guidelines for the name – for the money and humanity because if we don’t save you the world may never be the same – you might even forget your name – oh, did I mention that’s a possible side-effect too, but don’t worry we have a pill for that to chew… it’s flavored with corn-syrup, glucose and red-dye number 5, once you ingest it you’ll again live and thrive!

If this sounds farfetched just search on Google, your eyes will dance, your mind will ogle: they’ll tell you that they too have a stake in the game and that they’ll manufacture this very pill that helps remember your name, all from the causes of their harmless vaccine, with a list of potential side-effects (not even listed) that’ll give you bad dreams. You do have to sign a paper so legally you can’t sue, and I work with context clues, how about you?!

Glaxo-Smith-Kline, the pharmaceutical company with the largest legal payout of 3 billion is still doing just fine, in fact, they’ve joined Genocide Mingle, turns out that Google was also single – they’re partners now – in a holy matrimony of corruption, now take a bow!

Google, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao,

Censorship, hatred, how’d we get here? How? 

What do these dictators all have to vow?

Fear, isolation, and they’ll save you from what’s to come – they’ll take away your rights and that loaded gun – because “we are one” – one nation, under one god, a dogmatic fate that just seems odd, but what do you want from a backwards dog – that pacifying phrase “let freedom ring” – and though democracy supposedly lives, the persuasive checks keep ching-ching-ching – and the people sing: “We are free, we are free, let me be – and now let me see what’s on the TV… Oh it’s the news! The director of thought, the sinister dictator, with the torturous plot…”

Now, you may not like what I’m about to say but I create to evoke thought, so have at mea  – you’ll have your way, and I’ll have mine, either way I’m still doin’ fine – but don’t try to impose on my freedom or you will cry and will be bleedin’ – covered in ink, I’ll make you stink – from this articulated melody pondered at the kitchen sink… again, you have your views and I have mine, either way, we’ll be just fine…

It seems to me, and science, that Masks don’t fucking work and this vaccine kills but what do you expect when it’s made by companies that make money telling you “To take a pill?” Bill – Mary – side-effects include that your back may get hairy!  And your thoughts may become awfully scary… but don’t worry we have a pill for that too – with less side-effects but Mary’s tits may turn blue…

Cancer? There’s no answer and no cure – “Doctor, doctor, are you sure?”

“If there’s a cure it’s a onetime fix – we need the money so we setup tricks, and we jerk our dicks, while making enough money from the poor and sick.”

We live in a world where baby formulas have chemicals and artificial dyes that you can’t pronounce, known carcinogens in every ounce – that means cancerous, in case you didn’t know – stay tuned, there’s much more to show…

We eat enough processed food to embalm a body, and your sitting on the toilet wondering why you can’t potty? Constipated and filled with shit – with hemorrhoids so big that it’s hard to sit…

“But don’t worry, there’s a cure for that too –

take our Miralax – it’s just anti-freeze – it’ll make you poo…”

Well scoop-scoop and fuck-ety doo!

“Warning: it’ll kill your dog too…”

I’m fuckin’ livid – how about you?!

Isolate the prisoner and instill fear,

Tell them that there’s no hope,

But don’t worry, we’re still here –

We’ll get you ear

And make your squirm,

We are the greedy fisherman and you’re our worm,

Hooked on the line so we can catch our green,

No matter how blatant the truth,

No matter how obscene,

You’ll never see it, unless you choose to be it,

But until then be a puppet of the worms,

Until it’s too late – and then lesson learned. 

Do you understand how fuckin obscene?!

It makes me scream!

Is it just a dream?

A fuckin nightmare – a drug I can’t seem to ween –

Obscene is too clean and not the right word –  

It’s fucking sociopathic – the story’s a big turd –

It’s genocidal, suicidal, and pure evil

To go with the flow and to question nothing –

There’s holes in the plot that point to something

There’s no fuckin’ conspiracy, just plain facts –

The simple minds just don’t know how to act –

It’s hard to believe and to use common sense

When most don’t have it, they just repent –

They’ve become sheep and have gotten lost in the herd; they refuse to grow and fly a like a bird…

Free minds are being oppressed; free your Self before nothing’s left! Try your best! Open your chest! Pull yourself off the fuckin’ line, cut the strings to the past of time – because it’s on their vine and without us they would not be fine – they need us so they can breed us, and keep us down just enough to supersede us.

Educate yourself with unbiased information instead of patriotism and wasting time on the nation – I know it’s hard to find, but stop scrolling through your social media feeds and you’ll be doing just fine…

Dethrone their place upon the holy throne, take back the moment, take back your home – a sea of melancholy is fuckin’ tasteless – rise up again and show your faces! 

If logic isn’t enough nor rational reason,

then sit and wait and change with the seasons –

if you live long enough, you’ll see that history repeats itself, but I can’t show you this nor can anyone else.

Be happily insubordinate, be a free spirit, be open to debate and don’t cower when you hear it – question the tyrannical power that operates by the hour, working on the narrative before their paradise gets sour and then the word gets out and all become empowered – fuck those cowards!

Freedom, Love, Nature’s way,

Raped and buried for Propaganda’s stay:

Run, Run, & Hide, lock yourselves indoors,

There’s a virus outside!

There is no cure and you may die,

We cannot help you but please don’t cry –

Stay 6 feet apart, don’t go out after dark (because that’s when the virus is most alive, at night, is when COVID lives and thrives)

Stay away from your friends and families,

and all of you cheating husbands stop fucking your nannies – and you snot-nosed kids don’t visit your grannies…

Fear of a disease that’s killed about 500,000 this year (that’s not more than heart disease) in this country, but have no fear, the end is near – there’s Frito-Lays saltiness caught in your tears and your deepest fears…

2 million yearly deaths in the United States to the soda-pop induced-Twinkie fate of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke – but that’s okay, “Here, have Coke…”

“Thank you, nurse. I’ll see you tomorrow…” 

“Not after that paint-thinner you just swallowed…”

Our values have truly become fucking hollowed! 

The American Dream runs supreme, in a sea of brown gravy, so grab a boat – and don’t forget your diet Coke, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll read a book and fuckin’ save me – by saving yourself, I can’t do it, nor can anyone else – or nope, just swallow the bullshit story and embrace the death of hope… here… take your rope – but don’t forget to vote… there’s a sea of candidates with egos to tote.

To paint the picture even more and to settle the score: 6 out of 10 Americans have a chronic disease, that means some may shit themselves when sneeze – 40 percent of America is obese; most can’t even bend down passed their knees. Men with bellies so big that they don’t have a problem social distancing from their penis, women that can’t wipe because they’re the size of Venus – have you seen this? 

7.8 billion is the population within the world, and 2 billion are obese – does that make your head swirl? With 3 million Corona deaths worldwide, despite the blatant unhealthiness the body still lives and thrives – it’s not that bad, the amount of lives – it’s sad, but don’t them fool you, the healthcare system didn’t know what they were doing – and now they still don’t, but they’re still screwing, you, and you, and you and you, “and me” – said he!

All because the three letter guidelines of the FDA, the CDC, and the WHO, are the ones who truly write the show to the sums of money given by the one who knows – Bill Gates is a cunt and he fucking blows… the elitist agenda attempts to imprison you and you and him and he and her – the non-identifying and the ones who hate words: pronouns, adjectives, nouns and verbs – all us humans have is our fucking words – since animals can’t speak nor the gods or birds.

Less than .003 percent for deaths worldwide, and there you are hiding inside… and the same number goes for the United States – the country founded on Turkey-gravy and Native American hate… so with that many people that have lived and died, the bullshit media truly tried and tried to rape the minds of the public eye, but the numbers are all there, they won’t subside, and this is true – it’s the stats from the US government, right in the red, white and blue, for you, me, and you – they don’t even hide this, and it’s beyond true – you know what to do – don’t let them laugh while they tell you to go screw – what do drink, what to eat and how to think: thinking isn’t taught – obedience is simply bought – and time is only compensated for the moments that we ought to live… 

One final lesson from the teacher that failed the 12th grade, but he did okay, he wrote this, hey – 2020 the USA has a population of 328 million, and remember still with the COVID deaths near half of a million, not billion  – 1918 the year when the Spanish flu made its stay, and said “Hola” to the good ‘ol US of A, with a population back then of around 100 million in the States – it killed about 675,000 and sealed their somber fate…

Now with the population to date that’s a lot more than what it is now but they’ve made it seem so much worse – holy cow – .005 percent of the population in the United States was wiped out from the Spanish flu of 1918 – and then fast-forward to present day where COVID reigns supreme, where in the USA we have 3 times more lives at 328 million, and have learned that no one uses condoms because balloon shapes are silly and, which is why STDs live and vigorously thrive, and why the Spanish Flu Story may have gotten cum in its eye…

They had about the same amount of deaths with 3X less people, so how did the government and media brainwash humans into hybrid sheeple – in 1918 the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people worldwide with world a population of 2 billion– in 2020 COVID killed over 2 million people worldwide with a world population of 7.8 billion… now does the news seem silly, and, fucking retarded, with an agenda that is heavily guarded – now what did you learn from all of that? People like fuckin’ and that’s a fact. 

It’s time to rise and free our blinded minds

From the isolated time,

It’s the moment of our lives,

To stray from both wrong and right!

They’re spreading lies,

They’re puppet masters and today’s a new day

They’re spreading lies,

They’re puppet masters and today’s a new day

They’re spreading lies,

They’re puppet masters and today’s a new day

And today’s a new day – and today’s a new day!

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