Equanimity begins in the self-worth of the individual, not the group. Equality begins in the individual, not the group. Equality begins in the entity that is free of the distraction of race, gender, sexual orientation and too pronoun allergens. Hollywood and all of its funders, along with robotic politicians, have repeatedly raped the unconditioned and non-gifted State of being that this word symbolizes or stands for. If this offends you then look deeper within yourself. The goal of the system is to create a sense of freedom by way of the condoning of rights movements, protests and ‘equal opportunities’ in the workplace, merely to pacify the poorly treated people and keep them at bae (conventional democracy also does this) – and though despite the well-intentioned beliefs that the progressive communities may have started with were once of good intentions, they have now become exactly what they system wants them to be: the bullies that they once fought, thus adding to the distraction from reality and self-growth – rather than peace and love, the falsified liberals mask their inner hatred with “justice” and equality – their ego too feeds off of a different type of greed and empty sense of self-validation.

This does not mean that society and its egos are not responsible for the inequality of all people but the system works so that these tiers in society are easily accessible and easily malleable – if one hasn’t noticed, has anything truly changed from then (past) to now (present) – if the answer’s yes, then why throughout the world is slave-like wages and labor deemed morally acceptable – is it because we get more gadgets out of it to formulate and orchestrate acts of humanity by way of allowing this blatant hypocrisy. These workers (slaves) in other countries don’t even have the time or technology to defend themselves, yet, here we scroll on the screens of delusion and enjoy ourselves fighting for justice while those too suffer by their own systems, nevertheless all are intertwined into the Great Hand that Feeds and Starves: The State – and it wears many masks and too overly identifies under different names, countries, and institutions, but it all comes from the same source: Greed. And don’t think that the decent pay and “opportunities” within the United States is any better with its empty-of-meaning industrialized jobs and benefits; this country wears the same exact mask, they’re just better at hiding it – I unapologetically say this because we can do so much better. We can break the shackles to the systemic society that we’re born into and create our own – but just how long until this too becomes corrupt? – we must always be mindful.

History has repeated itself over and over again – don’t you think that it’s time for something new? Something beyond what we can perceptually see with our eyes – isn’t it time to embrace that Kind stillness within the heart that innately bridges all to interconnectivity. There has recently been an onslaught of labeling and self-identification based merely on what is on the surface and the sensual preferences to one and other rather than what supersedes and lies within along with the present moment that beholds it.

©2021 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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