I was recently submitting for acting auditions and ironically came across a casting for a heart medication that prevents heart failure – as many of us know, heart issues have skyrocketed ever since the Covid jabs have been mandated. The odd thing is that all of these characters for the commercial are requested to be “physically fit”. Coincidence?

Below is data from the FDA, and though the drug isn’t listed on the acting breakdown, I suspect that ‘Verquvo’, a drug that was created by Merck and just not-so-long-ago became FDA approved on January 19th 2021, is the heart medication that they may have been casting for.  

Logic and rational reasoning point to the true and corrupt culprits – the system and all of those that feed and profit from it.

Merck has recently paid out nearly 4 billion dollars due to another ‘V’ lettered drug:

Seems fishy to me but maybe it might smell different to you.

Another problem I’ve had with genuine “misinformation”, is with smothering of holistic supplementation to the properly and safely treating Covid. I was recently reminded of it when trying to purchase NAC, a supplement used to treat overdoses, poisonings (in particular liver damage from Tylenol), and many other diseases and ailments. NAC is essential to cellular health within the body – so much so that Fauci and the NIH recognize its benefits against Covid and so much so that they state this:

Let me also write it here, just in case your bifocals can’t render:

“N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is inexpensive, has very low toxicity, has been FDA approved for many years, and has the potential to improve therapeutic strategies for COVID-19. NAC administered intravenously, orally, or inhaled, may suppress SARS-CoV-2 replication and may improve outcomes if used timely. Potential therapeutic benefits of NAC include, extracellularly scavenging ROS radicals, replenishing intracellular GSH, suppression of cytokine storm, and T cell protection, thus mitigating inflammation and tissue injury. NAC administration in combination with other antiviral agents may dramatically reduce hospital admission rate, mechanical ventilation and mortality.”

So, why would the FDA want NAC to not be sold as a “dietary supplement”? I would say that being that the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, and that a form of NAC is already an FDA approved drug, that the recent increase of NAC supplementation through sellers like Amazon most defineitely throw a wrench into the Ferris wheel of greed; unregulated supplementation puts a halt to the steady cash flow and the toxically perpetuated circle that pharmaceutical companies, health care systems and their government affiliates all prosper from. The FDA only wants it to be available to hospitals and healthcare providers, places where their cash flow is regulated and easily observed. There is little to no side effect from this “drug” NAC, nor has anyone ever overdosed or died – there is NOTHING that I can find to oppose that statement.  

Here are some side effects stated from WebMD:

The FDA, in affiliation with Big Pharma, are truly the modern-day mafia.

Here is just one more study done on NAC and how it “reduces the risk for mechanical ventilation and mortality in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia”:

Formulate your own opinions upon the information I just provided you. I felt overly compelled to write this – so much so that I had to take time away from my creations just to fill you in with what I know.

Take your health and life seriously – the power is in your hands, not the governments, not a doctor’s, not the legal pill-dealing puppets of masochism, it is within your human duty to educate and inform your fellow beings. It is my innate duty as well – this is why I crafted this beautiful piece of inciteful artistic journalism.

With that being said: Fuck The System.  

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