Poet of Death

The Now

I’m aware of how short this mysterious life is

And I just want to simply spend it all together;

Every second we walk hand in hand with Death

And that is why I write this simple letter:

To tell you that you must live everyday like it’s your last,

To forget the burdens of Time and no longer be trapped in the Past,


Love thy Mother, love thy Father, love thy Sister, love thy Brother,

Love all Blood of the Living Others;

Love what nourishes you and shares with you its beauty,

Love what’s indescribable and its godly living duty –

Don’t make up excuses that are always rendered useless,

Don’t wait until one is sick or somber,

The beauty is the Now, not in the yonder;

Don’t wait for the subtle hands of creeping Death

When we wish and regret the moments we have yet –

Live and love everyday as if it is your last;

Remember your Death

And the Shadow it casts.

©2021 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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