A Philosopher’s Cultural Worth

It is great importance to a prosperous culture that the eternal flame of the free-thinker is never to be extinguished; it is in the realm of the individual soul that roots itself to our absolute reality and even beyond it.

I feel that I speak upon most, if not all of the thinkers of past, present and future, that the reason we decide to be philosophers is because we consciously choose to develop ourselves in a society that passively tells us not to. We seek knowledge, we seek wisdom, and we simply agree to disagree that we definitely know nothing despite searching for something – this ‘something’ is beyond us yet it is within us. There is no “becoming” a philosopher because we are all born free-thinkers and are tested throughout our lives as such; to seek knowledge is a beyond all-too-natural and essential part of being human.

This has been long established while gazing to the shared infinite sky and vast tempered ocean – the skewed perception of the shared Earth’s and Universe’s views and the tainting of them begins when one thinks that they truly know; it is in the foundation of belief that one ceases to know and endlessly grow yet it is in the branches of belief that we acknowledge alternate truths that will only remain absurdly untrue while connecting us or attempting to bridge us to something that is inarticulate by words. These branches of belief are intrinsic but the blossoming of the lone flower is essential. It is the courageous that think and it is the thinkers that evolve society because they’ve first watered themselves and sought-after adequate sunlight in order to grow; they have persisted, they are relentless, and they are also patient enough to wait out the flux of storms. Growth of the individual flower begins when productive patience by way of Nature unknowingly becomes self-attained, innate bravery to all adversity – all else is just another mask to what kindness truly is. Everything held above this is a hinderer to greatness; everything below this is simply a distraction: nation, religion, equality, pride, politics, philanthropy, gender, technology, sexual preference, rights, race, and ego – nothing can be advanced outside of the internal mechanisms of the individual. Group Thought is a broken instrument with an ugly ear-piercing tone; however, Individual Thought is a melodic harmony with all that is and is not. If you don’t understand this, you will forever be lost, and if my words anger you then look into yourself and calmly question as to why and who they’ve hurt.       

The dire attachment to values and traditions birthed from the group is a poisonous one; their only desire is to conquer (whether they know it or not) all that subtly oppose it. This is innately done by the Rebel; it is the simple act of individualized rebellion by way of intentional (the comedian) or unintentional force (the eccentric) that naturally sheds light upon the untrue truth towards its infinity and its endless possibilities. The Rebel throws a wrench into the groups elected truths and this shakes the ever-formable foundation that they once deemed as solid concrete but now unsteadily stand upon its pressured and splitting cracks, uncertainty then arises as their foundation splits and all become too close to the edge of reason, only to learn that there is no reason. The disattachment to these fixed morals, identities, and fixations, attain a self-accomplished state of clarity and a richer level of appreciation to those very values and traditions that one may hold dear; unattachment is akin to an all-encompassing stream that erodes the hardest of igneous rocks and slabs of concrete – nothing is as gentle and oddly more persistent than water. Lao Tzu even once said “Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it.”

When false pride leaves, true pride comes. The worth of a society is held within the hands of the individual, not the group.

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