Nonduality & Nihilism

If the world wasn’t intended for us to be a part of it then we wouldn’t have been born into it – anyone who ponders otherwise dances with nihilism – but no need to worry, within the emptiness is fullness; one must just have the courage to seek it. I assure you that the fear is worth it and despite the effortlessness involved in obtaining this ever-evolving, unnamable actionless state of being, the practice may seem difficult because it goes against all that we’ve been conditioned to believe, but again, it is absolutely worth it. Yes, I’m attempting to sell you “nothing” in order to gain everything. We, together as human beings, take the task of staring into the kaleidoscopic mirror of our minds, with our eyes simultaneously closed and open, with endless chatter, personas, and self-perpetuated opposing views, while also looking to other mirroring eyes of our fellow beings, gazing to our external shells thus realizing just how fragile but also how truly resilient we are. In all of these complexities there is innate simplicity. It is simply the notion that we are spaciousness. When we awake from our ego’s deep sleep of attachment and identification, the evolutionary possibilities will then be infinite rather than finite.

This state of Absolute Presence cannot be explained nor can it even be felt by the conditioned state; we may think that we feel it momentarily, and we even may for a brief moment, but there is no I to feel this inarticulate state of being. This broad realm of spiritual unity beholds all of the creative energy within the Universe; as I write this, I speak from it as well as I can – though my mind occasionally attempts to deviate from the articulation of that state of Statelessness. This innate capacity within us is one with Mother Nature, it is one with the Seasons; it blooms, withers, dies and decays both without reason and with reason – it simply just is. We are the universe. We are Gods. We are human.

In the knowing of nothing we openly enter into the acceptance of everything, regardless as to whether we truly accept it. Fear is overcome by nonduality. Nihilism is overcome by the acceptance of it. The beautiful thing about fearful or impure thoughts is that not only are they more than a part of being human, but they have no power whatsoever, and the knowledge to observe and accept them, dismantles their illusionary gravitational pull away from Presence.    

©2021 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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