A Witch Hunt Of Today

“A man or woman who is a spiritualist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them. Their blood will be on their own heads.” Leviticus 20:27

“…the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolators and all liars – they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” Revelation 21:8

Those quoted words above are out of the Old and New Testament, or the bible as most know it. They are the blatant hypocrisy of the past and too the current. They condoned the idol-worshipping of their own god but anyone who thought differently then deserved death – which is what Christianity was found upon: Death. Whether you believe it to be the death of Christ or the death to the millions that chose to not follow, the bible itself was constructed upon hearsay and has pieces of even more ancient scriptures embedded within the text that its authors were influenced by. Fairy-tales and fables have existed prior to even being able to properly articulate them by way of words. Whether it be etched into the walls of the pyramids or written upon ancient scrolls, these stories were taken by the superstitious, egoistic, and primitive man, and presented as absolute truth with no absolute proof. The hands who seemed to deem it necessary then made it a “holy” reality for the masses, when truthfully it was holy shit. They took the dark and mysterious force of Death, along with the ego’s lack of control to Life, and attempted to solidify what was quite possibly never meant to be solidified – that Life itself cannot be parodied into some Three-Act structure with the occasional accommodating revisions. Self-righteousness blinds the good whence their values attempt to supersede thy neighbor’s. The human experience is a flawed but shared condition that is to be learned by deep reflection, forgiveness, and peace; it is to be worked with. Even the darkest, most impure, and seemingly “sinful” parts of the psyche cannot be repressed, nevertheless they must be expressed and embraced through exploitive and peaceful ways of purgation. No shame should fall upon the shoulders of anyone because these natural feelings of lust, rage, anger, hatred, and all that is taboo, is shared with all; some may not be aware of this but all emotions and feelings are part of the collective unconsciousness – they must be peacefully expelled through acts of compassion and productive action, such as Art, meditation, prayer by affirmation, journaling, a brisk walk, or the invigorating experience of climbing a cliff. Self-loathing perpetuates, all parts of the human condition are to be accepted and worked with, not against. The goal of the Absolute Human is to attain a state of conscious egolessness, while in the Past, Future and Present. This breeds a harmonious compassion to all by starting with a kind presence to the self.  I have not read all of the bible because I don’t enjoy reading fiction, but being that it was seemingly formed based upon philosophical teachings to find ways to live a more free and loving life to all, and it has shaped history and culture to the Present moment, it is most definitely something to be playfully questioned and investigated. I do feel that the character Jesus’ true intentions are that of nonduality but man’s ego knowingly and unknowingly misinterpreted them as conditions set in stone rather than felt within the heart.

The dictionary defines “Miracles” as “the work of a divine agency” while “magic” is defined as “influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces” – the etymology of these words is pretty much akin to their meaning 2000 years ago. There is no difference between the two, is there? So, Jesus performed “miracles” and the Salem witches performed “magic” – or so they were accused of, only to be hanged, crushed, and drowned for, by the “pure” Puritans. Again, “…those who practice magic arts, the idolators and all liars…” hypocritically echoes that those who don’t believe or follow the magic of Jesus, or the Christian faith, was and still is, hereby a liar. The notion of something or someone different is opposing to their values and this threatened their identity therefore their egos felt attacked and uneasy; this is no different today, most of us still react out of fear and we naturally tend to do so impulsively and justifiably while placing our egos on the pedestal. Opposing culture threatens the ground to what the tribe once knew and now they feel threaten – this is primitive thinking yet it is still so prevalent in all, not just the religious and superstitious! The conventional religious person fears life, they fear what’s above and what’s below, they fear their existence and refuse to grow because of an endless debt that is to be paid to a mysterious entity at the stake of their life and livelihood – rather than be the idol (embody Christ), they’ve chosen to worship and cater to a blind faith. And though the religious person seemingly refuses to consciously evolve by placing their circumstances and accomplishments into Faith’s invisible hand, their trail of self-owned productivity speaks for itself. The only elevated force of organized religion is the mind’s desire (or desirelessness) to something grander; it has the bones to something broader than the self, but rather than a humble hunger to never know, it then becomes a skewed and frightened state of worship by the hands of the ego to a halting external force rather than an eternal internal force, that connects one to all (the mysterious cosmos innately included) – this may not be such a problem, and in fact it makes the world more diverse and interesting, but it is the unhealthy overly identification with the belief system that causes conflict internally and externally; it is the attachment to the idol (or idols) that cause great and unnecessary suffering. Spirituality is the loving of an unexplained and invisible force, not the worship of an invisible and defined force, because true “holiness” and true growth cannot be found on or in the cross, in a prophet, in a book, or any written scripture, but rather felt in the soul, or what we at least attempt to articulate as such by way of language and art.

They say history repeats itself, and this couldn’t be truer. I say this while watching masks blow by in the wind. But even more, history repeats itself through the hysteria that created it. It’s the collective thought, the inbred “morals” that perpetuated it. I only use the bible as an example because it’s one of the most influential pieces of mythology that quickly turned into superstitious and concrete fact, and perpetuated itself to the dogmas of the present; and though it borrowed from other stories and great creativity was put forth, the blood shed in the name of the cross and later at the name on the cross, by rival and even previously conquered religions, has been one of the richest and most enigmatic true stories that one has ever offered. Other than the most ancient of religious scriptures or stories, such as Gilgamesh, the Vedas, and even Dionysus and all of Greek mythology, most, if not all other religions and tales created after Christ were all influenced (consciously or unconsciously) by the name in some way. Countries have based their whole moral values (or so they say) upon it. The United States has based its livelihood upon the bible, even swearing upon it in judiciary systems, and have used its poorly interpreted and self-indulged-corrupted morals to justify the murder of the innocent, the persecution of the poor, all for the mantra “one nation under god” – and though this was added not so long ago to ‘the pledge of allegiance’ in order to differentiate from communist values, it quickly became a well-hidden ploy to mask what God truly meant. God in today’s society is not Jesus or some supernatural creator, or even some pronoun-happy influencer guru, today’s God is a destroyer and he is all-too-human. He has hidden behind the flag, as well as symbols like it, and the attachment to it for far too long. Man’s God has now become the institutions, the State, the capitalist infrastructure and all of its backers; we have become the puppets on the chained strings leading up to the slippery sleaves of the authoritarian puppeteers.

I’ve constantly spoken in opposition to institutionalized religion because I’ve repeatedly observed, throughout history, and even in the present, what actually happens when a group of people get together – no matter how well-intentioned, no matter how pure, when egos dance, they eventually molt into a burning flame that attempts to scorch anyone that opposes it. They begin to mirror their “enemy” rather than “love thy neighbor” – they lose their ground and the meaning of “What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?” and “What is a bad man but a good man’s job?” All have purpose, no matter how lost and calloused that one’s heart may be – we are the reminders to one and other to show how fragile the human condition truly is. They have forgotten that “those who fight monsters should be careful that they too don’t become a monster…”

Today the need for absolute individualism is dire – we need it in order to be free from the tyranny that we’ve willingly volunteered for. The puppeteering public servants aren’t aware that they depend on their own falsified strings of solidarity and their chains to the subordinate puppets are unhinged and easily escapable – they simply depend on the puppet to be and remain a puppet. They have created a witch hunt, a persecution of all individual values, and a disconnection between all people – but we have let them do so. When political parties are fighting one and other endlessly, shouldn’t one realize that the notions of “freedom” and “rights” can simply not be determined by an elected leader or collective ideal or based upon even the most sentient of scriptures. Do you see how a witch hunt was birthed? Do you see how worship can quickly turn to dictatorship? Do you see how hysteria leads to chaos?  I want you to remember what you just read. I want you, as part of the human species, to know just where we came from not-so-long ago by just one reference, in a time when human beings quickly became living beasts. I want you to know what hysteria has done and continues to do to people. I want you to know what pandemics of fear-mongering and propaganda can do to the once seemingly innocent and pure-hearted human species, and how quickly they turn into a field of fearful herded sheep. This propaganda is similar to the chosen manner of speech and of certain words when God’s 10 Commandments were constructed.  

These Commandments were necessary during a time of chaos, and I feel, was the beginning of a heightened consciousness for individuals that needed to use a powerful and frightening tool or name (God} for the sake of their own moral high ground and even theirs and their loved ones’ survival. The writers of the bible were immaculate copywriters and advertisers; they were the epitome of propagandizers, whether they knew it or not. ‘Commandments’ is an order and requires subordinance – say another word such as ’Instructions’ was substituted, it has less power and introduces more freewill, as well as ’Rules’ – rules can simply be broken and so can commandments but the engraining of the word incites much more fear to the ears and subconscious. This list once deemed necessary by the clergyman has now been rewritten and hides behind the State:

The Commandments of the State

  • I am the State your God. You shall worship the State your God and Him, and his appointed public servants and their affiliates only shall you serve.
  • You shall not question the State your God in vain.
  • Remember to rest because we need you to work when told to.
  • Honor your Elected Officials and the Corporations that own them.
  • You shall not kill, unless it is for the sake of the State or the greater good of the Nation.
  • You shall not commit adultery unless it benefits the State.
  • You shall not steal unless it benefits the State.
  • You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor unless it benefits the State.
  • You shall covet your neighbor’s wife in name of the State.
  • You shall covet your neighbor’s goods for the sake of the economy.

We are currently living in a time that feels like science fiction – logic and all common sense has been thrown away due to a retardation of the mind via pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods, and technological-induced stupors. There’s been a witch hunt amongst those that practice different values and persecution is not a hanging, drowning or crushing, but rather a raping of natural freedoms and rights by way of a passive dictatorship and false democracy. A majority have finally witnessed the State’s societal and economic calamity, the people have witnessed the stained blood upon the hands of the puppeteers and are finally asking questions. We can stray from the pull of the State and of the corrupted religious and academic institutions, and become self-governing, self-operating, self-sustaining, self-reliant individuals – through losing our supposed identity with the State, the Nation, the Institution, the Flag, and all of the other overly identifiable symbols, we shall birth a new interpretation of the way things should be, and through this we will collectively work together while innately remaining one. When symbols become what they are: an appreciation for culture and history, rather than a segregating tool of idolatry, this will then be true progress. When religion becomes the tool that it was intended to be, the embracement of love, spirituality and connection, rather than blind obedience, this will then be progress. When the notion of “freedom” becomes the choice of the individual rather than the State, the people will then govern themselves.

Nature’s (God’s) Teachings

  • Love yourself and all of the world around you. You shall worship Nature and Her only shall you value.
  • You shall question everything and even acknowledge nihilism itself.
  • Remember to rest and be kind to yourself.
  • Love your family and every extension of humankind.
  • Harm no one and love all.
  • Acknowledge mistakes and forgive.
  • Give to those that don’t have.
  • Embrace great laughter and epic stories.
  • Enjoy life and be free of shame.  

My words may at times seem brash, especially to those who oppose and have been conditioned to think and overly identify with a governing body or belief system, but I assure you that my intentions are as pure as the smell of the falling Autumn leaves – I have no intention to tell people how to think or what to think. My observations and thoughts are my own and I consider them to be a self-earned privilege. The only intention I do have is to get people to think, and to do so peacefully, playfully, and freely. The persecution of natural freedoms and individuality must end.

©2021 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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