Time (a poem)


Laughter and beauty

When all are entwined,

Embracing the present

Where all is divine;

Love, cheer, and nothing to fear –

Rising from the ashes

I forever appear;

You see,

Time is inexistent

When in the moments

That we’re in it:

Between your legs,

Inside I crave;

Beauty filled with desire

As I set your eyes on fire –

A passionate grasp

And the flame begins to choke,

A release of sentiment

From endless miles that I’ve woke –

Like a mystery

Walking the streets,

Entangled in the summer heat;

A stranger

With the face of a dead girl,

With enough memories

To make one’s head swirl –


Two souls and warm skin,

I hold the heart of my dear friend;

Looking into your eyes

All seems to stop –

Your beauty is enamoring,

Life’s burdens tend to drop;

Caught beyond illusion

To more than meets the eye –

The void of temporal existence

As we spread our wings and fly;

The beauty of your soul

Beholds so many things –

The onyx-rose angel

Sings with fluttering iridescent wings;

In Nature

No beauty is ever truly the same,

As the sun hides behind the mountains

And its glimmer

Exudes with rain –

Time then begins to dissipate

As the world once again

Restores my fate.

2021 All Rights Reserved. Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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