“Addiction” & Tyrannical Rule

There’s a storm brewing amongst society; tyranny is running rampant and freedom has truly become synonymous with governing bodies and nationalistic pride – ‘freedom’ is the opposite of all that the general public view it to be – absolute freedom is a state of being derived from shamelessness; in this cultivation of the Self, growth works innately like the inner-workings of an old clock, only to be occasionally impeded upon by the faint echo of the ticking hands as they strike each second, reminding us that our lack of presence is merely a fraction away from releasing the fearful ego. Society capitalizes on the ego for profit and to keep obedience amongst the masses. They trick supposed drug “addicts” into thinking that they have a dependency when really the strategic labeling provided is only there because it implements limiting factors within the mind, a form a shame, a form of dependence, a form of classification, when truthfully, one who relies on alcohol or drugs to skate through life has consciously made the choice of making a recurring habit of partaking in the use of the artificial stimulant(s); chemicals in the drug do change brain chemistry but there is no true ‘addiction’ to the substance other than the pure state of the human consciousness that is unable to cope with existence within the subject’s natural state. Simply put, the partaker chooses to not cope with life “sober” – therefore they become a habitualist: one who makes a regular habit of good or bad doings, productive or counterproductive to one’s own chosen way of being.  

Just like any form of habit, as stated, there are both good and bad habits, the morals in between depend upon the conscious growth of the individual; the self-realization can only happen in pure awareness while showered with compassion and forgiveness towards one’s own Self, accepting the ego for what it is and not identifying with it, but using it as tool with the upmost compassion for one’s own conditioned flaws. For those who have read my prior works, when I speak of the Self I reference the inner workings of the Creative Genius, a form of boundless and unique energy that is derived through absolute presence and shaped with structured practice. The lower tier of the Self is simply the ego-driven ‘self’; though this is a tool if used wisely and is capable of directing one’s spirit to cultivate its innate genius. I have written several essays, poems and inquiries regarding our higher Self and using the ego as a compassing tool to shed light upon the labyrinth within our truly unique yet blatantly jointed-fragmented minds – true words are always paradoxical and contain the most absolute form of knowledge, which is simply emptiness  or nothingness, so to speak. Attachment to the ego (self) is the root of all disease.

Drug addiction simply does not exist – saying that it does adamantly renders the evolutionary consciousness that we’ve painfully attained absolutely useless. Words are empty and without meaning yet to our conditioning they are the fuel to the fire – when in moments of tenderness, when in immense suffering, we must be conscious of our words by simply taking a deep breath and observing them. There is a time for action and there is a time for non-action; through these productive ways of being we can see through our habitual sufferings and use them to our advantage towards actionlessness – a state of innate growth that is a form of the primitive consciousness and one with Nature’s temporal seasons; it does take practice to evoke this way of being but no effort whatsoever.  Just as a fixated thought has no collective substance of power other than the fact that it’s verbally or mentally recited over and over, conditioning the fictitious story within the mind’s taunting ego, ‘addiction’ in itself is too merely a word created by the ego in order to have a sense of power or pity over one’s weak self; this was created to imprison the higher Self to ever seeing the light of day. It’s the ultimate form of procrastination, stifling of self-growth, and burying of any general awareness. From an actor’s perspective in regards to thought: we must learn to play the part rather than be the part.  The concept behind “addiction” isn’t just one’s own immense pain and confusion to life, it is a blatant form of laziness; it is a conscious choice to neglect the power of the creative genius – it is the willful smothering of one’s own god in the name of faulty habits; habits that are a still a choice to the individual – so truly the individual always has the power to unlock positive ways of being to one’s own higher Self.

If you’d like to add more corruption to the ego of the individual then let the fearful and self-righteous collective speak for all while falsifying the individual’s growth by ways of fear, shame and abstinence; in other words, more fear towards life itself and more fear towards one’s absolute Self. Organized religion and pharmaceutical companies reinforced the walls behind the confineable word “addiction” in order to maintain a sense of power over seemingly weak-minded individuals that have been herded together as to have some sort of “illness” of the soul; this is the ultimate lie in life, and besides public schooling and the media, it is the most imprisonable and impressionable form of brainwashing to keeping those compliant and weak within the fixed system that only makes itself seem good natured but its motives are truly in the name of egotistical greed.  The human condition in itself is a mental illness – this existence of supposedly knowing that we exist is the very concept of a grounding form of perplexity that can’t be overly questioned in seriousness because there are no answers other than our own, and even our own answers have no validity – knowing is the root of disease. “First realize you are sick; then you can move towards health.” Life itself can be incredibly overwhelming if taken too seriously or it can be beautifully observed and appreciated when laughed at from even the darkest of abysses – or it can be gratefully both simultaneously.

                The definition of “mental illness” today is any human emotion deviating from ‘happiness’, a state that is temporal, and in most cases, is not meant to be felt all day and every day of our existence; and if it is, then good for you – but if you don’t feel happy all of the time then you’re not fucked up, you’re merely just a flawed human being like the rest of the people in this world. The individual may be labeled by society but they cannot be labeled one’s own mind. The State’s solution is pills, pills and more pills, in order to create control, while pocketing great profit at the expense of others, as the public stupidly listens to the list of possibly death-inducing side-effects, along with the “occasional thoughts of suicide” on the very antidepressant medicine that they assure will make them “happy!” When conflicted by the truth of all that I am stating, look to all of the plants and herbs that are labeled illegal despite a history of their culture and healing powers; the system cannot patent nature, therefore the system creates rules and regulations to limit freedoms and to obscure the truth – it demonizes and attempts to destroy Nature because it has no control over it. If they could regulate it, then it would be legal. Reference alcohol; the Prohibition Era couldn’t even last despite the supposed religious moral behind banning the “controlled substance” of alcohol – monitoring and taxing it is much more efficient and incredibly profitable despite it being the most harmful and widely abused “drug” on the planet – also reference the timeline of cigarettes and the rise of propaganda to promote them despite their cancerous properties. Profit will always outweigh humanity and will forever be justified at the expense of the shallow ego’s self-righteous justification system. This was the birth and the beginnings of the 1% – this is centralization and self-righteous capitalism hand in hand – this is the birth of the pharmaceutical empire and the corruption of yet another system. A pure system would cultivate cures, not long-term payment plans. Their control is in the side-effects of their drugs; this is their power to keeping the masses dependent – “an effect from this pill? – we’ll give you this pill.”

This world that we’ve grown to know; how truly fucked up but incredibly comedic – and no one sees that these pills are the cause of fueling mental illness, taking one further and  further away from one’s own truth – pushing away the scars, the fears, the pain, the meaning, burying it and pretending like they never existed – this is living-death. Yes, we are not are pain nor our experiences but we must accept them as a part of our own path towards growth; we must forgive ourselves and forgive those that have harmed us or those we have harmed and let it lead us to courageous consciousness, accepting all and fearful of nothing other than hardening; better to remain soft than to harden. The both, at times, blissful and painful embrace of the present are the purest forms of absolute knowledge – this presence is godly and one with Nature.

                For growth of the Self do not live in a disillusioned world like a Christian or any other religion that avoids worshipping the Self in the name of other dead dictators built only from the collective and fearful egos of humankind. We must come to terms that “addiction” does not exist and is merely a coined term for religious and pharmaceutical entities to use upon the consciously weak-minded and ingrain within them a patriarch or motherly dependency to pacifying their deceptive protection. Just as democracy is a false form of pacification so is the “cure” for addiction. There is no cure; there is only living life itself and discovering one’s Self while doing so. This takes productive patience, fearless persistence, and relentless perseverance. Anything counterintuitive toward one’s Self is a bad habit, and anything productive towards one’s Self is merely just a newly discovered way of naturally being; it is an attained sense of consciousness – the choice of the individual depends on whether they desire to grow or to wither and die. In many cases, the “bad habits”, the nihilistic tendencies, experiencing life from within the darkest of holes, and choosing to productively live against the face of seeming reality, is purely the greatest of all choices, it is the most respected of all habits – “…it is arguably the highest state a human being can attain.”

Conditioning will fuel the fire to poisonous ways of being, but presence can oppose the demonic force within, presence can shed a light upon the ego and the egos that attempt to control out of fear. Lie on the ground and look to the stars, feel the cool dew upon your back – all the stars shine for their own purpose yet they naturally paint pictures of constellations leading to home. No intricate snowflake is alike yet they all naturally fall to the same white blanket. If you’d like to get to the center of labyrinth while gracefully traveling through maze, instinctively guided by the Daemonic muses that are beyond the chatter of the ego, using the innate compass within, then simply just close your eyes and take a breath – you’ll find that you’re quickly transported to the center of the maze; there will be shackles  and they will be loose around your feet – you’re left with two choices: you can either pick them up and rebind yourself or you can leave them behind and start walking the maze once again. There is no escape from the maze of life, we may think there is but there isn’t; we’re trapped in the labyrinth and we must be very aware of this. We must know that when we’re lost we’re still home. The beauty of this is that despite the complexities of consciousness, of life itself, there is this consistent beauty in which we are all synonymous with: Nature. Our breath is their breath and their breath is our breath – trees begin limber and lucid, only to grow tall and stiff, yet still dancing in the wind until they’re ready for rebirth, only to fall and decay into the dirt, then sprouting once again and rising anew. The beauty of being human is that we don’t have to physically decay into the earth to rise again – we die and decay within the confines of our conditioned experience over and over, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, within minutes, within seconds; all up until we truly face death, only to find that we know nothing and that quite possibly there’s nothing to really know – yet paradoxically in this nothingness is everything.

                My Bible of developed thought equates to these few phrases which have been highlighted throughout this scribbled passage: compassion of the Self, productive patience, fearless persistence, and relentless perseverance – they are all frequently opposed by the ego but greatly appreciated by the cultivated Self. Even the ego occasionally takes credit for the productive ways of being; they ignite the flames of creative genius and are the epitome of individuality so strong that it permeates to all through the choice of productive selfishness – it’s unifying despite its solidarity. The herd will dispute this because they fear their own reflection to the point of a vampiric existence; through this habit of constantly overcoming, by making peace, relentlessism is discovered and honed – this is a religious principle founded upon the smallest molecule within the world.

                When society attempts to tell you that you’re ill, take a look at society and see how sick it truly is, observe the fear and obedience; then realize that we’re all fucked up together – it’s in the awareness. This is the key.

©2020 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.


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