An Essay on God, America and Things That I Hate

Being that a plague that hasn’t yet wiped out the media and pharmaceutical companies is going on and the propagandizing and mutually slandering voting ads that are merely a mirroring image of bickering kindergartners guessing who’s little penis is bigger in the bushes at recess time, while the others too frightened watch and cheer from the sidelines for who’s friend they’d rather be; flash forward to a centralized and tyrannical society that is maniacally tricking people into thinking that they have a choice by pacifying the public’s need for not only an identity, but a father/mother figure in the form of a corrupt institution, one that will never give them affirmation of their own identity, only leading them to believe that they themselves are clones of their own creators and providers, so I thought this well-written essay from my book ‘Insubordination… And A Full Release’ would be a prefect read to shed light upon a dark country. Enjoy!

Thus follows:

I really feel like I need to vent out – I don’t care if you agree of if you’re offended, this is for me and me only. If you agree with me – I hope I hit a nerve that relinquishes you from logical solitude to know you’re not alone in this thoughtless, dildo-filled society; a society of mindless rubber dicks. I hope mostly everyone in this audience has half-a-brain and has the desire to think for themselves, freely and openly, and not just thinking that you think freely because you were born in the “Land of the Free” where everything costs money, the basics included: food, shelter, WATER, healthcare. Or the “Home of the Brave” – those great founders and cofounders of this country that confined the race of people with a tanner shade of skin to a small parameter throughout this fine land, with the privilege of not having to pay taxes on their reservations and also supplying them with free college education.

Why don’t we talk about that – if the United States of America gives you back a piece of land and don’t require you to pay them money, you know they fucked up. They don’t admit to ever fucking up. But when you designate only 56,000 acres out of the 2.3 Billion acres in America; it doesn’t seem too hard to give up. Mind you, 375 million of those acres are in Alaska and not suitable for agriculture, until the global pollution melts the fucker so they can see what’s under that icy-goodness to patent and make money on, but until then about 1.9 billion acres is okay for now. Think about that; Native Americans were given 56,000 acres of land, out of 2.3 billion. The people that were here first – the people that were enslaved and massacred by the very people who lovingly gave them their 56,000 acres of designated land.

And don’t think that those acres are actually theirs. The Bureau of Indian Affairs was commissioned in 1894 to “oversee” every living Indian tribe in the US. And not to mention that in the late 19th century and early 20th century, it was decided to educate native children in separate boarding schools that were prohibited from them using their indigenous language, practices and culture. It emphasized Euro-American culture and some of them were beaten for praying to their own god. And unlike the ‘White God’ and their dead dictator Jesus Christ; Native American people actually cherish and respect a god that is visible to the eye: Nature. Yes, they have several deities and mythological stories that are all separate on their own, but what it comes down to is – they worship all that is seen: the seasons, the weather, the dirt, animals, water, the sky and fire. Things that you can see, things that you can hear, things that can burn you and hurt you, things that could make you wet. And sure, if you’re a Christian watching Joel Osteen on Pancake Sunday you might get a little wet, or when a priest is inside a confession booth with his favorite altar boy – but those things don’t count. In 2013 the Bureau of Indian Affairs got their budget cut for Native American Health Care by 800 million dollars. And this was an already underfunded program. But now, as of this year, there is a proposed 2.5 billion dollar budget for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, an American organization that helps Native Americans.

Just to put things in perspective – in 2017 the United States spent almost 600 billion dollars on defense – or war; call it what it is. We spend a lot of money on war. Those might say, “It’s for defense and protection,” and for those who say that, I say, we wouldn’t need to be protected if America didn’t put their noses in everyone’s shit; pretending that America is stationed all over the world to help, when really it’s only to have the advantage of world domination. It’s a cock-show, and whoever shoots the biggest load on the face of the other wins. These yuppie, gun-loving fuck-tarts love to defend the country they live in. They get very offended when you don’t agree with them, or go against the conventional thought process of the average American. Why? It’s a fucking country! It’s a place, a piece of land, dirt beneath our feet. These overly patriotic and nationalistic assholes beat off with the red, white and blue flag wrapped around the tiny egotistical dicks, praising the day Betsy Ross wiped her leaky cunt on the flag that she lovingly knitted for George Washington, who arrived riding a slave because his horse was too tired. Ego is the death of man. And boy, are the leaders of this country full of ego. A country should be known for one thing and one thing only, and that’s not money. It should be known by how it treats its people, and the flag of a country should only be used for one thing, to identify a country’s history, culture and artistic influence; because without art, literature, music, film and comedy, there would be no country, and there would be no world. There might be a world, but it would be extremely dull and lifeless – like the bible. Art is expression; it’s feeling, it’s life; that’s why it’s universal. Languageless. If this country is judged upon how it treats its people, then it’s at the very bottom of the scale. And by its modern-age form of influence and rich culture: reality TV – there is really not much to brag about.

How many abortions Khloe, Kim, Kylee, Kourtney, and Kendall had in the month of May isn’t a talent or something to be admired. I’m not a fan of murder, but if I could dig up Charles Manson and recommend a new family; I’d tell him to watch ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’… I don’t condone violence but let’s have useful crucifixion! Let’s nail one of the Kardashian’s to the cross (preferably Kim) – I’d love to see that thick pig wither away to nothing and watch crows peck at her fake tits. Then maybe her talentless husband can write a shitty song about it – I use the word song incredibly loosely.

The American culture has gone to absolute shit. Americans think they have a choice, a freedom, a say – you have absolutely nothing; we have absolutely nothing! The American people think they’re so free because of democracy – a popular poll given to you by the government to pacify you and make you think that you’re making a choice or helping in your cause when you go to the polls to vote. It’s an elevated form of communism, but with just enough of a leeway to think that you have “freedom” when you actually don’t. If you think you’re a free-thinking individual, odds are – you’re not. The agenda is hidden but it’s plain as day. If you can’t see that democracy is death, then you’re a fool. Ask Socrates. The only time democracy comes into use, is when your kid is leaving school and gets hit by a car and killed. WHACK! And then your life mission becomes to place speed bumps in front of your local school. It’s election time and one of the candidates running for mayor also lost a child due to a speeding car, that is the only time you have a chance to make a difference. Because shared tragedy, is the only thing that can bring compassion amongst this desensitized country. And you still might not get the speed bumps, he might only be able to put in those yellow and orange turtle-looking assholes with the ‘Slow Down’ signs and those stupid signs that say ‘Drive Like Your Child Lives Here’ – and the scorned parent will be reminded every day that they should drive like Tony, their now-deceased child, lives there. Tony? That’s not a child’s name, it’s a union carpenters! Edgar’s a better name for a kid that never made it passed its sixth birthday; a name that never gets old because it’s already old. But I guess the neon sign is better than a bump. Right, George Carlin? What can be accomplished with commonsense by one person in an organization is usually overthrown by a group of clueless idiots that vote upon it. And when you give clueless idiots a chance to showcase their clueless idiotism – don’t they get excited? Commonsense and intelligence are frowned upon in this country. People that think for themselves or against the conditioned grain of society are outcasts. I’m an outcast. And I’m very happy to be an outcast, because usually, outcasts think for themselves and are a lot happier. I heard that once from a lovely woman in my meditation class; it sounded nice so I’m telling you.

We weren’t born to fit in, we were born to stick out; like a beautiful flower, a blossoming tree, a gigantic whitehead – that pulses when you scrunch your forehead with befuddlement. The kind of whitehead that is so daunting that you panic midst conversation with this person because you fear tasting pus for the first time… or the second. Pus is a gross word – depending on your perspective or hobbies. When you say it, it automatically gives you sour face; no matter how you say it: Pus! Pus… Pus? Happy, sad, mad or confused. It’s like you’re giving a rim-job for the first time and you get that taste of sour asshole (puckering lips). But with the word pus something happens when you add those magical 2 letters S and Y to the end of the word – Pussy. The word completely changes; it becomes sexy, and happy: Pussy, Pussy. Two letters, that’s all it takes. It’s odd because you would think that the word pussy came about when a man or woman encountered a pus filled vagina, probably with green or yellow discharge, then later describing it as being very “Pussy” to their friends or her primary caregiver (if it’s her own pussy). This is why the medical community changed it to purulent. Purulent, sounds pleasant and clean. Which is why the word police, or the religious dictators probably changed pussy to purulent – with two of their favorite words in conjugation with the new word: Pure and Lent, with the letter U in between. Pur-U-Lent; Pure: synonymous with the divine or virgin, and Lent synonymous with abstinence, to abstain. They tell you what they want you to hear any way possible to hiddenly spread their agenda.

Words are all we have and yet they mean nothing. Words mean absolutely nothing unless you put emotion or action behind them; said plainly, they cannot hurt you or tarnish you – the only way words truly have power is if we give them power. And unfortunately, hateful assholes with malicious intent, who couldn’t express themselves emotionally; because that is where anger comes from, hate of thyself, and lack of love of thyself, and then true hatefulness comes into play. They ruined potentially fun-to-say words: Spic, Nigger, Faggot, Jap, Kike, Guinea, WOP, Gook, Taco-Head, Towel-Head, Mick, Cabbage-Eater, Dego – they all sound like words that a child says when she or he first learns to speak. But these people insisted on destroying simple words, truly unintelligent, simple-minded words, and putting absolute hate behind them. And for that, I say: Fuck you, you illiterate, mindless, angry, cock-suckers; dissolve into the earth so evolution can occur. Mind you, I only use the word cock-sucker without hate and only with the purpose of torture, only being if the man I’m bickering with is extremely straight and homophobic; only at that will I call him a cock-sucker and wish him to be throat-fucked out of torture until he pukes. And the only time I will call a gay man a cock-sucker, is if I accidently set my mom up on a blind date (after my step-father passes, obviously) and I later then ask her if she had a good time, because sons sometimes care about their mother’s dating experiences; and then she proceeds with “He has a husband,” and then I will reply with “oh, he didn’t look like a cock-sucker,” because judging a book by its cover, he didn’t look like he partook in having cocks sloshing around his face – which then means, a majority of the time, all people look the same. Although sometimes you just know, but that’s just because of how free, happy and gay they are. You see, when I say cock-sucker, it’s out of pure inquisitiveness; I might add, the only time I will use it in an insult is to someone, who I think, is extremely homophobic and very straight, and absolutely despises cock, barely looks at his own cock – only then will I call him a cock-sucker, just so I can see the utter disdain for cock in his smug face. But again, usually people who are incredibly homophobic, have a massive craving for cock and project their hatred and insecurities upon everyone else who is free and happy (reference: priests and organized religion). I want people to relax, I don’t want them to have their heart drop when a tainted word has been used, because eventually, without reaction, those words won’t be used, and if they are, no one will care; and the people that continue to use them with hatred, no one will know them – and rightfully so. We’re living here, put in public schools, and move on into college and then hopefully job placement, maybe marriage, a kid or two, and then we retire and wait to get paid the money that we paid in. What a dull life. What a meaningless life when it’s said in that monotonous tone.

We only have one life that we know, and we must live it! Society demands people to live a conventional life, they don’t want greatness, they don’t care – they want safety. They want to be safe; they want to know the future – let me tell you something: you will never know the future and if you did, you wouldn’t be here. Keep ‘em dumb. This country hates intelligent people. They hate people that think for themselves, that have opinions or ideas that don’t abide by their own agenda. The Counter Intelligence Program was formed to do what…? Counter intelligence! It’s in the title. They created a not-so-secret governing body to disrupt intelligence. Jean Seberg, a famous Hollywood actress in the 50’s thru the 70’s, was a victim of the FBI and their Counter Intelligence. She provided funding for the National Association for the Advancement of Color People, as well as Native American school groups near her hometown. The United States Government didn’t like that so to tarnish her Hollywood name, they released a false story stating that the child she was carrying was not her husband’s and was actually a member of the Black Panthers, an equal rights group that she advocated and donated money to. Some heartless cunt, Joyce Haber, a gossip columnist for the LA times released the false article. Jean Seberg went into labor prematurely, giving birth to a 4 pound girl that died 2 days later. She then supposedly committed suicide 9 years later, due to a supposed overdose and depression; or the torture and constant harassment of United States government, or a murder. It wouldn’t be the first time they did it. It’s been proven.

The papers are declassified; they’re available to the public and can be read. I can only imagine what they didn’t release to the public. This wasn’t the first or only time the United States government did this; they even sent a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. – with the suggestion of suicide, and we only knew about this letter because activists broke into an FBI headquarters and stole 1000 documents and released them to the public. The days when activists were actually useful… They’ve secretly murdered, sanctioned and destroyed intelligent people, all because it goes against their beliefs, their government, and because these people wanted human rights and equality. The same thing people want to this day. It’s the simple things, like being a Black or Spanish male and wanting to go out for a walk at night, not having to look over your shoulder, and when you do look over your shoulder, not getting questioned why you’re looking over your shoulder – not worrying whether they’re wearing too-dark-of-a hoodie. People with a shade darker than beige are gonna have to start wearing reflector vests at night, and construction hats. The cops would probably think they stole them too. Or even when a Black or Spanish person drives through a predominantly “white town” in a nice car and police officers pull him or her over for driving under the speed limit. It’s a racist world. It’s a segregated world. And it’s an oppressed world. And I don’t mean just from yin and yang, or white and black. White people are oppressed too, in very different ways. They usually get beat by their wives, or end up abusing their children. Because many white people aren’t tough enough when it comes to getting hit by their parents or bullied, they end up shooting up a school, or killing their family. You rarely hear of Black or Spanish people doing that. Sometimes you get the stray Asian, but they’re close to white. Right? I’m for the rights of all, and my interpretation of human rights do not fall into any of those bullshit collectivists movements that try and mimic people that stood for a cause, and not just to see how many likes and shares you can get on Facebook and Instagram; or followers. Just the name followers – it makes my penis invert. I’m a leader, mother-fucker. These false causes accomplish absolutely nothing other than to gain the caption philanthropist and activist to your Wikipedia page. I’m talking about these dissolute, vapid, thoughtless celebrities that go with any cause, or movement, out of the fear of being persecuted, and just too dumb to fuckin’ think. Equal rights doesn’t stand for one race, it stands for every race and gender. Whether you’re an Asian guy and like sucking Black cocks, or you’re a Black girl and you like eating Asian pussies – it doesn’t matter, it’s your life, and you deserve to be happy. And all the greats who lived and died fighting for equal rights, truthfully fighting, can attest to it from their everlasting legacy that still stands today. Right now I speak of people in film, an incredibly influential, creative outlet. There are Leading Black actors out there; there are some Leading Spanish actors out there. How many Asian or Indian or Native American Leading actors are there? Can they open the box office? How many Hollywood White women can open the box office? There’s a good amount. How many Hollywood Black women can open the box office? Halle Berry, she’s half-and-half. Even better how many Hollywood Asian men, or Hollywood Asian women, or Hollywood Indian men or Indian women, can open up the box office? Name some. How many Spanish, Black, Asian, Indian, Italian, Gay, or Trans superheroes are there? Can you tell me? I’m gonna make them though. Fuck everyone else. There is a lot of progress and evolution that needs to come in this country and in the world, and those who think they’re fighting for their rights, don’t fight for your rights, fight for human rights. Fight for all rights. Evolution and love starts with the love of thyself, teach that in schools, introduce a mandatory philosophy class and a class on compassion – mandatory: a dictatorial word that I despise along with insubordination. Everything else in this country is mandatory. Wouldn’t it be more intelligent to make elective classes mandatory and mandatory classes elective; mostly all elective classes are the arts and the arts are what have built our culture and cultures throughout the world – without the arts where would we be? Let Math, English, Science and History be electives to the kids that want to become accountants and marine biologists. I didn’t learn to write or read in English; in fact English class made me hate reading and writing. And history only teaches what it wants you to know from biased sources. Have a class on declassified material from America’s finest government, so this way kids learn from a young age the truth about the so-called leaders of this country. But that wouldn’t happen, because knowledge is power. Let kids choose these classes on their own, let kids choose all classes on their own. If children are taught the importance of self-education, then maybe there would be intelligent people.

This country doesn’t want intelligent people; they want robots, cattle – this country is known for the “American dream”: a dream is a series of thoughts, images and sensations that happen while the person is sleeping. The American dream is to believe that you are in the greatest country in the world and that you can accomplish your dreams, all while working your 9 to 5 job, being miserable in a marriage, wishing you had an abortion when you hear the snot-nosed cry of a vaccinated-future-Mongoloid-Sarah-Palin-Baby, all while believing that potentially, you too can achieve the American dream. Speaking of American dreams, how about these new-age, false-cause feminists dissolve into the ground with these capitalist, pollutant white cock-suckers that spread hatred and bigotry to the country and to their planet. If queefing was a high-paying job these women would have millions of gold coins sloshing out their flatulent cunts. I’m not for rape, believe it or not; I’m heavily against it. I’m against all forms of abuse. But you’re telling me, if you’re a horny man and you have no clue how to flirt or compliment a woman, or you get mixed impressions and try to kiss a woman or slip a finger into a woman while your kissing, and she says no, and you say sorry and back off – that you’re a sexual predator. You’re a sexual assaulter? Are you fucking kidding me? Has everyone gotten a little too soft? These politically correct douche bags need to get a life and they need to do something worthy of their cause and of their stature, especially those with influence of culture – they’re sending a horrible message to the future youth; they’re not spreading equality or humanity, they’re spreading fear, they’re spreading hate, they’re no different from organized religions and they’re making the natural human body blasphemous. They’re depreciating the naturalness of the body and the sexual organs. It’s a false, unhealthy, and hateful movement. Just like these clueless fat whores that say they’re plus-sized models but really have a food addiction problem. I’m not saying for everyone to be rail thin, but if you’re going to be a model and be an aspiration for young girls, don’t inspire them to eat toxic, cancer-causing shit, and claim that you’re happy that you can eat whatever you want and don’t care about what people think. You’re stupid and just like to eat, and you’re a shitty influence on the people; because unfortunately, as you know, people are easily influenced. Don’t get me wrong, those who have been confirmed and accused by a shitload of people; Bill Cosby for instance, or Harvey Weinstein – the number of people that accuse them of rape and assault, should then be the number of AIDS bearing men to cum on their face in one massive AIDS bukakke. And let Charlie Sheen host it; air it on reality TV with Kim Kardashian’s crucifixion. No rules, and just buckets of auto-immunity-cum; it sounds like you might get super powers from it – nope, I don’t think so. I feel that’s an ideal punishment, better than the vacation in prison. I hate rules! I hate societies confined little boxes of dos and don’ts. I hate the people that invented these boxes – the “don’t wear your hat inside” and the “Jesus is our savior” type-of-people. Jesus is not my savior! Jesus is a cunt! Jesus can suck my hairy asshole. Fuck that dead-dictator. That’s what the world has made him, and unfortunately we will never know if that was his intention. We wait every Easter and he’s nowhere to be found. Jesus is a dead dictator, telling you what to do, how to live your life and how not to live it. When I say Jesus, I mean the organized churches and religion that claim his name. And also the other religions that blossomed into their own because of it; all taking pieces of each other: one god, a prophet and a list of dos and don’ts. And mind you, these aren’t life suggestions; these are life threats, that if you don’t abide or follow these rules, you will burn in hell and god doesn’t love you. This was implemented to control and strike fear to the simple minded.

It’s just baffling to me to actually worship a god that you don’t even see; that we created out of fear, and also out of control, to limit freedom; why do you think Kings were so adamant to revise the Bible? It’s a form of control – it lacks life and courage and is full of fables, fairy-tales; it’s unfathomable that people actually could go on worshiping someone they don’t even know. They worship words in a book, not even admire, worship. The only thing worshiping does is lead to tyranny and a hierarchy – and that is, to the intelligent eyes, the forefront of organized religion; Christianity in particular. I say: the only person you should worship is yourself – what stems from that unearthly greatness and indescribable love: let that be what God truly is: you and me; all of us. And when I say worship yourself, don’t view that in an egotistical, narcissistic sort-of way – it’s work, you develop yourself, spend time in solitude, write, read, strive to become the best you that you can be, and then you tell me where that can take you. Religion hasn’t sanctified peace amongst the world, if anything it’s caused war since it began and still continues to this day. It’s time to find something new and logical. Buddhism, the only religion that has true spiritual, scientific and psychological insight, have philosophized a very ethical way to live life and deal (or not deal) with suffering, though I feel suffering and feeling suffering is essential to the fruition of life. Brilliant and defiant minds need to be spoken of, like Friedrich Nietzsche, and much other great intelligence that they won’t even mention in school, or at least my prior school system. I must add that Buddhist principles are useful in many aspects of life but only pieces of great ideas and practices can help you create your own philosophy, your own religion.

You know what would be admirable to me? – If they dismantled that gaudy golden palace that they call the Vatican and put that 15 billion dollars to the homeless and the starving and purposeful educational programs. How about to science and gardens, to growing food, to creating alternate water sources and ultra-purification methods so people can get a taste of what water should be, before money-hungry men poisoned it. Maybe then I would have some respect for the people behind it. But I’ll never, and I mean never have any sort of respect for organized religion. Man ruined the word “god” and the world ruined religion when he frighteningly lost himself and was too weak to search and find himself. I’d like to tell a story. This story is my interpretation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her immaculate conception. And with all honesty I do think the Virgin Mary was actually a virgin – to an extent. I have a theory that I have developed over the years; it begins with a watering hole forested with heavy brush, with only one massive rock overlooking the thick shrubbery. Beautiful virgin women would bathe at this watering hole; they would undress and release their flowing bush hair into the air – splashing each other and have a good old time. Little did these virgins know, in the bushes (not their bushes), the green and vibrantly-shrubbed bushes – something was lurking. One day, a woman by the name of Mary, was walking through the woods and came upon the tall rock that overlooks the bath area. She climbed upon the rock, took off her lightly flowing dress and sat down; soaking in the vitamin-rich sun that they say gives cancer. Who is they? That’s a story for another day. Anyway, befuddlement fills her face; she rises to her feet and sees that she sat in something – a pile of white-sticky goo, oh my! That was the day the rock earned the name Bukakke Rock, and that was also the day when the Blessed Virgin Mary was immaculately conceptualized, stripping her of virginity and drowning her in the cum lottery of the horny Christian men that beat their dick overlooking the waterhole at Bukakke Rock. To clarify the story, some of you may have retention problems; Virgin Mary sat upon a rock that was covered in a pile of horny men’s cum – which lead to her mystery pregnancy. Oh boy, that bitch was fertile. Do you see how I inserted this story a second time because I feel the need to corrupt your belief system ever-so subtly? Slightly “revised”; at least my story is much more entertaining than anything of the gospels.


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