Mindfulness (an excerpt from ‘Light Upon The Labyrinth’)

Mindfulness heightens all senses and grounds us to our root of just being – it strips down unnecessary suffering, conditioned thought patterns brought on by an emotionally-propagandizing society and the human condition in itself. Being mindful consists of being completely present to what is without judgment; it’s neutral and observant like a newborn child – it’s a disattachment from the falsified identity that we’ve created with conscious and unconscious means of the constructed walls within the ‘mind labyrinth’ with the attempt to cause endless suffering.

Mindfulness meditation will reveal the poisonous negatively-charged, self-propelled time-machine of the past and future, the constant “wishing” and “wanting” brought on my deep conditioning amongst other external influences – this time machine is in our minds and takes away from the present moment; and in the present moment, there is no need to fix, change, or hide from, any of our feelings or emotions – it is in the present moment that reminds us of what we are: free beings. But we are human and we still feel, but we can learn to feel and observe these feelings, these thoughts, our nature, much more intrinsically; in this process it is the learnings acquired beyond our Self that ground us to beyond our conditioned minds and coincides with the creative genius principles of expression through art.

What is a “creative block” or “writer’s block” but that of an obvious lack of the present moment – when we are here or there we are not being; in being we are beyond here or there and though our minds will drift in and out of this state we will naturally gravitate back to it. But I do assure you that this is a practice, call it what you will, but in order to break conditioning (which is habitual thoughts and tendencies always lead on by the ego and lack of self-awareness) one must “recondition” the mind therefore rewiring it even beyond unconditioned awareness to a state that is, in words, inaccessible to articulate – simply put: a constant evolving form of enlightenment. Though if this is your only desire, to attain “enlightenment”, then you’re grasping this with your preconditioned mind, with your ego, and again, absence of the present moment.

This state of awareness involves being with whatever is happening in the moment, there is no escape here; it is pure confrontation, a peaceful war that, at times, is the upmost painful – when I speak of this pain, this discomfort, I speak of the attachment to it, I speak from a preconditioned notion of the attachment I’ve conditioned myself to have for it, along with desires and preferences, rather than observe this thought or feeling in the present moment, I choose to identify to this painful moment which actually doesn’t even exist. This “painful” moment is either that of the past or the future, unless you are being physically tortured right now and are a captive prisoner (by a physical entity not of your mind!) then there is no pain and also you wouldn’t have this book – but if they did give you this book upon physical imprisonment, despite your foes torturing you, they still obviously care.

Feelings, emotions, they cannot harm us; there is only the subject that chooses to identify with the emotion or thought. But if you’re aware of this choice you’ve gained consciousness! Congratulations, you’ve took a step in the “right” direction only to realize there is no “wrong” direction, and even that there is no direction or any “steps” at all. The ones who desire nothing are the ones who desire everything; the ones who love nothing are the ones who love everything; the ones who fear nothing are the ones who fear everything – what is this? Koans are questions with no answer other than producing an annoyance in the mind brought on by the ego and then a confused laugh from beyond the depths of our soul – they are meant to induce laughter at the human condition: this is our only state of enlightenment that can be described in one word, though its feelings cannot: laughter.

How to start? Meditation begins with the breath. How can a canary sing in the depths of the coalmine without the means of fresh air? In and out, the breath, simple as that – this doesn’t have to be done sitting, it can and naturally should be done all of the time. But stillness is essential in a practice because in order for our mind to be still when our body is moving we must first be still to observe the movement of the mind. It is in this stillness that there is clarity, and in this clarity that there is a rebirth. We will be subject to digression periodically, at times, we will naturally decay and then blossom and vice versa, like the temporal seasons, but the difference now is the self-awareness attained to, naturally, without aversion or affirmation, dissolve the rising ego.

How this propels the Self? To clarify the ‘Self’, this Self that I speak of is an innate creative drive that has been buried by conditioning and made fearful due to the persuasive cadence of the ego and the preconditioned state. The Self is attained in mindfulness but action is also a necessity to fine-tune it. The Self is the ultimate form of character and personality though the Self itself has no personality or character; it is beyond us and one with Nature though it is our True Nature. As I’ve said before: true words seem paradoxical – those gifted words are ours. The Self is the primary drive of the Creative Genius that operates from a nondual and mindful spectrum that uses the human condition, the ego, as a tool, along with the absolute presence of one’s unconditioned awareness to bring forth a universal peace within the mind, body, soul and nature, that is incomprehensible to others, but the Self’s own individual experience is purely one with all. Activation of this innate drives takes great practice yet no practice at all – what deep scars we’ve carved… and in these scars is the river of Life. This purgatory we’ve casted is our own doing and it is to be tamed; this labyrinth also has perceptive tricks. Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Endlessly Overcome.

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