A “Mandemic” & Why “Equality” Ceases To Exist

Disease, pollution, nature unnaturally decaying and dying at the hands of human beings; temporal organisms synonymous with the minute shit that you just can’t seem to scrape out of the crevice of your shoe but paradoxically a species with remarkable abilities and great potential – potential that is mostly and unfortunately wasted.  

During these recent times of experiencing a “pandemic” I’ve confronted the question of our impermanence more than ever. I look to the stars and deeply ponder our existence as a species but then I just take a look around to everything that human beings have done and continue to do out of greed and the need for money and power by consistently eradicating what gracefully sustains our very existence: Nature. And when speaking upon money I’m not just talking about societal comfort along with a moderately lavish lifestyle and superficial fun, I’m speaking upon so much financial wealth that it fraudulently comes back to the public through the means of false philanthropy, in the form of a very generous tax write off to a charitable organization funded by the elitist donator, only then endorsing a false self-righteousness kin to organized religion while more profit is made for a good cause – I am speaking about so much wealth that these beings actually run this country, America, as well as other places in the world. Make no mistake that our loss is their gain.

The media tells the public what’s necessary during moments of hysteria while being whispered to in the ear by their enforcer, by their backers, by the very people that fund them, while claiming to have the public’s best interest. They rape our ears with fear and empowering propaganda telling us “we’ll get through this together”,  “take precautions” and “your health matters but only we can cure it” and as they do this they paradoxically tell us how strong we are while telling us how full of fear we should be. The media, identical to the pharmaceutical companies tied in with the health-care industry, are the cancer of this world. They are the fucking disease of mankind.  

The government of the United States actually funds laboratories that create man-made diseases or “Bio-weapons” in order to keep this country safe – are you feeling safe America? I sure as shit am. Do you see what happens when the origin of a world-wide disease becomes skewed and forgotten upon…? – when science and rational reasoning don’t seem to add up but the news outlets quickly divert from the subject matter in order to continue to tell the public what they need to know for their supposed best interest…?  And who’s their in this matter? – It’s not us.

Humans have a set amount of time here because if given immortality, if given unlimited life, this planet would quickly cease to exist. Human beings do well enough destroying what’s been given to them in the very short time that they are gifted. We have become a disease to this planet as well as the world and we should throw away the very ego-induced reasons that this came to be: greed and power.

Just as corruption will never go away as long as mankind lives neither will bigotry. “Equality” is a word that means absolutely nothing and should not exist simply because there should never be a need to compare one with another based upon race, gender or sexual preference. Due to bigotry equality has now molted into a false sense of pride lacking the involvement one’s own individual accomplishments. False Equality has evoked pride on a world-wide scale in order to make the individual feel powerful collectively for doing absolutely nothing. True Pride is not race derived but race deprived; it’s self-cultivated, and self-affirmed, with no means of collective or group accomplishment yet it exudes to all. “Equality” has become a disparaging word and has been corrupted similar to its counterpart “Change” – these two supposedly empowering words are completely irrelevant to evolution as whole and have been for quite some time now. They’re forms of propaganda and have been destroyed by politicians and clueless activists. For those who say they, “want to change the world…” it’s not the world that needs to change – it’s our species. Human beings have needed to use the tool of consciousness for quite some time now. The world has been fine long before we came into it and I know nothing but I’m sure it would fair pretty well without us once again.

Collective activism used to be a viable form of progression but is now more-so a fad for lost Millennials to find some sort of purpose while helping minorities, preventing the teen suicide rate from going up, and then for them later to be able to put their activism on a college query letter. Peaceful protests are a beautiful thing yet you’ll never find me at a cause that I care enough about – unless that cause involves some means of actual-delivered education, not some lesson upon societal morality, morals that have been collected by human beings, written down into an accepted norm or moral code that they then preach upon a whole nation, while using organized religion and the fear of death to propel it endlessly into their future.

If you want to see the future look to the past – history repeats itself and it always will. These equal rights groups do create some sort of transformation but unfortunately it is temporal and fictitious. It’s only given to the people to pacify them, to keep them quiet, to give them just enough to prevent riots and a lack of control; just as democracy has become the ultimate trickery of making people think that they have a choice, the progress made by activists is only progress because order needs to be kept by the higher powers. They do this by giving them “freedom” in the form of worldwide value – this comes in many forms of pacification, such as: voting, holidays, and government handouts. When they allow the people to feel important it doesn’t matter what their true motives are as long as they string on the public with baby steps made toward their primary cause or belief system.

What the people don’t understand is that these higher powers need us just as much as they need social classification. These high powers depend on minorities. Mind you that slavery was only abolished for a new American entrepreneurial endeavor to take place, only then to hiddenly keep slavery imposed with the mask of guaranteed freedom, all while making an immense profit and supposedly taking care of the less fortunate while poisoning them with bad water, garbage food, and a distraught education system. The governments, the elitists that run this country and others like it, all depend on the people. So, who truly has the power? Their very dependence is in the hands of us. So, who blatantly has the upper hand? If we continue to feed them they’ll continue to live and breathe, prospering from our sufferings while pretending to help alleviate them.

The problem of bigotry begins at this well-bred and inbred sense of pride, both patriotic and nationalistic; these segregating forces are there for a purpose, and that very purpose is the reason why hatred still exists. When someone clings so direly to a piece of decorated fabric the world is setup for an endless war – when a flag’s true purpose is lost, its notion of art, culture and history all disintegrate, this is when collective pride comes to be based upon money, technological innovation, and a lack of consciousness.

Public school mandates an absence of evolution. No fruition will ever take place due to the fact that the youth is only born to be subordinate robots to their master’s and this is the only place where true growth can occur – in educating the youth. It’s not in opening the decrepit eyes of racist government or those on the brink of ignorant death; it is the eyes of children. But the education system has been dead since the extinction of the Ancient Greeks, who dedicated their lives to procuring the true knowledge of humanity and this universe.  This existential dilemma we call ‘life’ became poisoned whence we started to ingest the medicine of others rather than our own – fear lead to the dependence of a master-slave way of being. There is no self-love in this; therefore there is only living death.   

Love begins on an individual level and this must be taught at a young age in order to unbury our conditioned minds to the natural birth of acceptance to all – our eyes are simply just mirrors to one and other. Mindful compassion is the key to true growth as a society – but it must be obtained on an individual level. Collective movements, political parties, whether it is with positive or negative connotations, no matter how life-affirming or how just they are, will always have a corrupted backbone; especially when falsely using unity and when choosing to lack any sort of individualistic meaning. These initiatives are the distraction to cultivating a Self that is derived beyond the ego – that is not to say that they are completely ineffective, but for long-term and future equanimity, for the love of all human beings every shade under the sun, the task of developing the individual is the upmost essential, and being that the public education system will never take part in this, it is within the liberty of the creative soul that these 4 words are the only lyrics to be expounded: Mindfulness, Self-Love, Self-Discovery, and Compassion – within these innate drives of our consciousness we can supersede the living death attempted to be acted upon by the government and the false masters of the world. The governing body pacifies the people with temporally gifted acts of humane progression because they deathly fear us – they need us and because they need us we can peacefully destroy them. We can eradicate their systematic efforts of control and incite chaos simply by peacefully thinking for ourselves on an individual level. It is in the productive selfishness of one that genuinely connects all. I do this through art; through these words I develop myself therefore exuding to all within the cosmos.

People deserve their own private island paradise – but be aware that despite the beauty of the clear blue skies and the starry nights, storms will forever still arise – this doesn’t mean that we aren’t safe, it simply means that we’ve chosen to embrace both sides and thus enjoy what morality has corrupted. We are in fact our own masters – we are our own gods. Embrace this and you too shall forever thrive.  Freedom is not nationalistic; it’s a state of mind.

© 2020 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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