A (Love) Poem

I met you in my dreams

And how real this felt;

Now I reflect

And my eyes begin to melt;

I still seek reasoning,

So much so that I even blame myself –

As I walk the halls of familiar faces,

Fearing the steps of familiar places,

I look to the swinging swing

And there’s only one,

The corroded rust,

The blotted sun;

This swing gives off a haunting ring,

Now buried with death from a poisonous sting –

You were stubborn

But you saw the truth,

You spit out the poison

And craved your youth;

I was blinded, confused and left without reason,

I’ve been counting on my fingers

To the change of the seasons;

Days go by and I continue to cry,

Wishing for you to come back

And to never die –

Just like in the present

You were confused and stubborn,

But in this dream you were challenged

With prior choices that weren’t yearned –

You ask to be with me and I see right through you,

I speak to the ghost of the girl I once knew –

How you’ve fooled me! –  

As hopeful thoughts ruined me!

The world would end

Before we dance as friends;

A callused nightmare

And I wake up,

To the girl that died,

To the girl that gave up.

© 2020 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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