United States of America: The Biased Media and Its Pill-Peddling Backers

Fuck the news! I’m sick of these malignant cock-suckers – they’re biased smarmy pieces of shit disguised with “the people’s” best interest when really their only interest is implementing mass fear and control amongst a society. This isn’t just ‘pandemic news’, this is the media coverage in all regards – they get off on car accidents, kidnapped white children, mass traffic due to a pipe breaking, with rats surfing atop of manhole covers, or should I say human-hole covers – #EQUALITY. Although, come to think of it, a human-hole sounds like what it sounds like – the orifices of a human (we do have 5 to choose from), and a manhole is similar except it excludes the notion of women’s holes – if a manhole was called a woman’s hole and a man entered into a woman’s hole unwillingly this is too called violated submergence and sexual assault charges will be pressed. I felt that needed to be explained in the name of Layman – and in the name of making a bad joke decent.

Saying the news doesn’t get off on making people panic is like saying Russians don’t have a propensity towards alcoholism. Who owns all of the major news outlets, you ask? – about 15 billionaires broken up into 6 major companies with all joint enterprises beneath it. Every major news outlet that the public watches is owned by someone with an agenda, and a definitive belief system, both personally and politically, and in most cases very much biased, which is funded by backers that own shares and have affiliations within other corporations; their news is based upon profit, political swaying and control from the higher-ups that are responsible for their wealth and success. I’m not even going to name the news and media outlets – but I’ll give a rational example or comparison of blatant hypocrisy: Coco-Cola fights heart disease by being one of the largest donators to the American Heart Association – yet sugar and artificial sweeteners are the leading cause of heart disease and obesity. 5 billion dollars go to all of the major news outlets in the form of pharmaceutical advertisement – so what does that tell you when the news tells you that something is “good for you” or “essential to your health”.

Another example: Johnson and Johnson, fuck them, they’ve had more lawsuits against them and have settled large amounts of hush money with all of the carcinegic ingredients they put in their products. Their slogan should be: ‘Fuck Babies and Their Soft Skin’ – just read the ingredients. The current CEO of this fine company is also on the board of IBM, and guess who not so long ago invested in IBM, Warren Buffet, and guess who Warren Buffet admires very much, Bill and Melinda Gates – two people that are for mandatory vaccinations and also for implanting a microchip in human beings much like the tracking chip in your neutered German shepherd named Shultz. Their foundation has affiliations with cancer-causing, pill-peddling, poison-propelling companies, all that blatantly own or work very closely with companies such as: Coco-Cola, Walmart, McDonalds, Walgreens (one of the largest in pharmaceutical advocates), Cellular companies that desire to add more G’s in order to make the world into one big microwave – it’s proven folks and more than logical; the electromagnetic frequency penetrates our dermis (skin, not foreskin) and we are all guinea pigs waiting for the outcome – but they’ll too have a cure for that.

Gates dabbles in the Hispanic market too, Telavisa is the largest Latin American media outlet in the world and he owns thousands of shares – so what does this mean?  In most cases, minorities are more susceptible to living in lower income neighborhoods, and what does lower income entail? Less money, less money means cheaper stores to shop at and eat at, along with the medication to come with hospital expenses for heart disease, diabetes and cancer from these companies that Johnson and Johnson, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffet, all are affiliated with. They even have thousands of stocks in Waste Management and UPS, so they can dispose of your body and ship your ashes, all while making a nice net profit. You might think that typically minorities don’t have health insurance and in this case it doesn’t matter because half of the hospitals within the United States are non-profit due to their affiliation with the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops so they save a lot of money not paying taxes while passing around their donation basket – and the other half has had past investigations against them due to fraudulent kickbacks from lucrative pharmaceutical and technology deals.

Pharmaceutical companies generate about 7 billion dollars from vaccinations yearly so that makes sense when billionaires are advocates for the matter when they have a backend. Let’s say they mandate mandatory vaccinations for a specific illness or virus, or all forms of viruses – as the Chief medical examiner states “…that the world will never be the same if everyone doesn’t get vaccinated during this recent “pandemic”…” – he also stated that the “immune system isn’t strong enough to be worked with…” – really? It’s done pretty well after all of these years and many of the pandemics or epidemics were really just misunderstandings of proper health and vitamin deficiencies. Sanitation has come a long way, but then again, has it? It really takes a tragedy to clean all of New York, the biggest tourist attraction in the world – it takes mass illness to evoke consciousness into sanitizing the city, as if the dirty subway systems and mass transportation were safe and clean before this… cleanliness and weekly or bi-weekly disinfecting could have very well prevented such a quick spread within New York.

Let’s see why the immune system within America can’t deal with illness: yearly about 600,000 people will die from cancer; nearly 850,000 will die from heart disease, about 251,000 deaths from medical error, about 70,000 from the flu, and about 80,000 from diabetes, in this fine country of the United States of America. This is yearly. Do you know how much money is generated and profited upon illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease? This fucking logic – have a cup! It doesn’t even take research but merely rational observation. And what does the healthcare system do…. what do hospitals do in order to help protect the people from these diseases? They serve soda, fruit cups, pudding, milk, apple juice and Jello! What do these all have in common? Sugar! What is scientifically proven to promote cancer growth, high blood sugar and heart disease? Sugar! They inject you with sugar in order to see where the cancer is most prominent during the CAT scan while the hungry cancer cells are feasting on their favorite fuel! Sugar! So fuck the hospitals too and let them get what they deserve. They’re in the same business and funded by the same types of people – and they’re not looking out for your interest.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t good doctors and nurses out there with ever-evolving knowledge and compassionate hearts and get into the profession for the innate reason of a desired and honed healing power towards humanity along with their active compassion, with a yearning to genuinely heal and protect their fellow being; it just simply means that the system is fucked, it has been and always will be, because the Ego lives and overrides the money-rollercoaster. But hey, don’t believe me. I know nothing and I like knowing nothing – there’s peace in this. Educate yourselves. Be endlessly fucking inquisitive – like the little cunt Sarah who always raises her hand in class to ask minute vexatious questions. Be little Sarah. Be a curious little 6 year old cunt. Self-education at a young age is the only true force of reason to a conscious evolution – but the public school system is too what it is: a system that is intended for breeding herd-like subordinate individuals collectively in order to fit into the social class plateau, carefully designed to keep things the way they are and to never change – the Ego of humankind hates change, it hates progress (unless it means your phone also being an easy-bake oven), we are our own worst enemy and our own best Jesus; meaning that self-righteousness can blind all and overpower the rational concept that there is no right or wrong, or good and bad – there is only what is natural, not primitive, but natural – this is peace and unity while remaining one. This is adding light and color within the dark tunnel. Also, is Wikepedia true or not? I got a lot of information from them – again, not-knowing is pretty cool – but knowing that you don’t know shit is even cooler.

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