An excerpt from my newest horror screenplay ‘Missing’


Running is heard — the shuffle of feet zig-zagging through the woods.


An old wooden sign sits: Righteous – Est. 1666

A YOUNG GIRL (11) frantically exits from heavy, green brush and wears a white Puritan-like dress that is covered in dirt and blood. She breathes heavily while consumed by utter fear. She looks out to a windmill field alongside the Atlantic Ocean. The crisp Spring air and the cleansing sea breeze means nothing to this frightened girl; she looks over her shoulders due to a noise. She quickly touches her neck, moving her hair, revealing two fang marks, and then looking to her bloody hand. In her other hand she holds a sharp bullhorn. The girl bolts toward the ocean.

She runs between the large windmills but nothing is seen behind her and then looks up to the sun, studying it briefly. The girl approaches a lighthouse and enters.


The young girl runs up the daunting concrete stairwell to the top of the lighthouse. She reaches the top and nervously exits, backing up to a gate with a daunting drop thus leading to the oceanic cliffs below.
The sun begins to disappear behind the lighthouse. Darkness casts upon her face.

She nervously looks to the dark doorway; whatever she’s anticipating is something or someone that has inflicted mass hysteria. She begins to hysterically cry.

WH-O-O-O-O-MP! WH-O-O-O-O-MP! The lighthouse horn sounds causing her to jolt.

A shadow appears in the doorway. Out of the doorway exits a BLACK CLOAKED BEING with a hood; beneath the hood is the mask of a lion – the mask is very tribal, unique and with irksome definition brought on by the shadowy contoured face of the beast. The young girl anxiously stares as the lion exits, and in the lion’s hand is the mask of a little lamb; it’s soft and made from pliable leather, as if from a formerly live lamb’s body.

The lion slowly walks out to her, step after step, sluggishly. She looks to see where she can run to but she didn’t plan wisely. She bolts around the other side of the lighthouse towards where the sun still shines. Another door lies in front of her that leads into the lighthouse. The lion approaches in the shadows on the right side; on the left side appears another CLOAKED BEING with the mask of an OX. They both slowly pace towards her while the sun shines brightly upon her innocent pale skin. Her neck pulses and exudes blood. As the last of the amber sun sets, the clouds come in and darkness fills her body. Standing on each side of her are the two masked beasts.

Get back!

The young girl goes to run forward into the opposite door but is quickly halted to a fierce PEACOCK MASK, a 3rd cloaked being lassos a rope around her and she frantically flails while blindly stumbling backwards to the edge – the peacock pulls her towards itself while the two others walk towards them. The young girl takes the bullhorn and stabs the peacock in the side of the throat with the sharp horn and instantly blood squirts out. She stumbles back to the ledge attempting to flee while avoiding the lion and ox, but falling over the ledge with the rope still attached – the round of rope upon the ground quickly gets pulled — SNAP! The rope gains tension and the young girl hangs with the rope wrapped tightly around her ribs — CRUNCH! One of her ribs sticks out of her dress from the abrupt halt. She hysterically cries in pain while hanging off the side of the lighthouse.

Help! Help me!

Windmills spin in the distance. Blood begins to drip upon her from up above and she begins to get pulled back to the top; she looks above to see the 3 masks looking down to her, pulling her up – blood drops from the peacock mask in which she stabbed. She screams and cries;

Mommy! Daddy!

She cries while getting pulled back up to the top of the lighthouse while the freakish masks stare down to her.

They pull her up and quickly disappear through the dark door into the lighthouse.

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