Due To

Due To

Do the people of now truly value the soul of an artist? Does poetry resonate with anyone anymore? The more people’s minds are distracted with superficial stimuli the more art dies. How can one truly relate to poems of heartache or a touching film, if one dedicates their time to stimulating their neurotic thoughts and creating tragic multiplicities within their mind with no structure implemented – it then becomes one note, but not even a beginning, middle or an end, it is absent of all because there is no presence; the presence is artificial and constant – robot-driven humans are on the rise and genuine humanity will be erased.

            Society has become lonelier than they ever have been despite the world literally being at their fingertips; human interaction has become taboo. Political correctness and a propensity of self-loathing have made it improper to even say hello to a stranger – this is not only due to the insecurity of the ego, or scarred past experiences, this is driven by the media, by the news, with the means of implementing fear and callousness amongst all.

            Dating is beyond dependable due to technology and heartache is minimal due to lack of any presence within the suffering – and when one does sit with it it’s in an inebriated state. Society depends on artificial stimulants for its false accomplishments and the building of a new-aged ego. Society today leaves no time for solitude and no time for reflection; their emotions are being harbored and masked within with nowhere to escape and it’s manifesting in mentally toxic ways. We are meant to feel, suffering gives us perspective, and in this suffering there is great meaning and gratitude of it. The more people shut their emotions the less impact an artist has; this is simply because society doesn’t give them a chance because they’re no longer giving themselves a chance. They’ve chosen to become numb, they’ve chosen to become inhuman – this is when art truly suffers.

© 2020 Michael Angel Loayza Jr. — LOWWISEZAH STUDIOS

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  1. I agree with everything stated. I never understood political correctness. I’m today’s society we have to walk on eggshells to “do the right thing”, or else be shunned and shamed until doing so. That’s why I believe art in its purest form is dying a slow death. You can’t truly express yourself without editing yourself.

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