Light Upon The Labyrinth: Essays, Meditations and Introspective Journaling

Below is the introduction to my newest book which will be out later this month. Thank you and enjoy the teaser:

She never feared anything therefor she is invisible.

These are my meditations, ideas, essays and entries from my journal that I share with you for introspection and evolution.

We all share the same battles; the taunting of our ego, our existential dilemmas, impermanence, grief, heartache, our conditioning, life’s mandatory sufferings and their unnecessary sufferings. This is a shared journey yet it is led by the individual. It is in the cultivation of individual thought that we begin to see what we truly are; it is within this that we rediscover our innate nature. This nature I speak of is that of the creative genius; this being supersedes time by following their passions, mastering them on a daily basis. They implement structure and they recondition their mind to overcome procrastination, fears and doubts. An artist breeds compassion through her own sufferings thus connecting the world as one while        promoting abstinence from the herd; they use their ego as their paint, their inner-drive as their brush, expelling a well-crafted creation to a blank canvas, an empty piece of paper, or the first writings of the invigorating words ‘Black Screen’ thus becoming a multimedia masterpiece. This starts from nothing yet becomes everything. It is through creative expulsion that self-evolution occurs and then spreading like a purposeful disease. This cultivation involves structure and deliberate practice which then self-awareness will eventually be attained. When one becomes self-aware, the projections, the defeat, the rejection, the pain, they all become heightened, which is fearful, but rather than not knowing the reason, it’s as clear as day. We see the construction in which we consciously and unconsciously choose to create and we can depict it so clearly; yet even knowing the tragic desolate cities we build upon our minds, these entangled webs of fears and doubts, they’re still there, we still build them, they’ve just lessened and we see them more clearly now, which makes them easier to overcome. We accept them and become okay with them; we use them wisely rather than carelessly producing unnecessary havoc in our lives. We paint. We write. We create. There is no endless enlightenment here, though I sure you of an attained mastery level of the Self that you could never even dream of. Because what are dreams? – they are uncontrollable, involuntary. Self-awareness is voluntary and effortless despite our debilitating efforts to get there. With this innate fine-tooled sense of the present moment the observations of the masses around you will be heightened because you will see your ego’s worst traits within them, you will also see your Self’s best traits within them. This is a form of natural compassion to one’s Self therefor leading to all – this is a deeply-rooted connection to all human beings. The art to developing a core belief system that is your own is essential to life and an art in itself; it is necessary for an artist to develop this self-awareness through structured practice. One must be structured to become structureless – True words seem paradoxical.

Meditation is the immediate form of confronting your mind stream which can be and will be the upmost frightening (in the beginning). In the beginning to many it is nausea inducing but the upmost essential for all the interconnectivity that the universe breeds thus bringing you home with each breath – this is fundamental for natural growth. Sitting with your thoughts and observing them, being non-judgmental to them, this puts life into perspective; it solidifies the imprisoned structure that we choose to create both consciously and unconsciously. There is no better creative genius then one who finds meaning in their sufferings over and over and over again; and within this there is an interconnectivity to self-evolution thus leading to cultural evolution. This begins with the artist, with the utilization of the soul; there is no braver feat than creating yourself, there is no better practice than the deliberate practice of an art that intrigues you – there is no shame in this exploitation, just as the poet repeatedly sheds light upon earth’s innate beauty I shed light upon the labyrinth within us, within our mind. I feel the journal of another isn’t private because privacy creates shame and shame leads to a lack of self-love; the more open we are, the more we become one while remaining one. My traits are your traits; some more severe than the others but they all stem from being born into this mysterious and beautiful world.

My constant deconstructing of the system, both in that of the imprisoned mind and imprisoned society, is essential for liberating the Self. Though my words are for all, not all will listen, some are to cowardly to trek into the labyrinth, some are too fearful of the horned monster staring back at them in the rippled reflection of their tainted mind-stream, but as I’ve said in prior writings: these words are for the few. And to the few: may you tame these beasts and make them your pet.   

What is a great writer? A great writer assists with reminding the reader of who they truly are and what they may become: good, evil or beyond.

 – Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

    December 12th 2019

© 2019 Michael Angel Loayza Jr. — LOWWISEZAH STUDIOS


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  1. Great writing. I do 7 level meditation and what your are writing can only be understood by a person involved in meditation . Thank you

    I will explore more of your work. Very interesting . Warm Greetings Cornelia

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