Unchained Melody

Passion is madness directed in a way of self-liberation, self-evolution; it is the map to oneself but there are no directions – passion is the compass to compassion for all beginning with one.


Why do I desire to unchain the creative genius in an imprisoned society…?  For as long as I could remember I’ve watched my family constantly struggle financially, always needing to fend for one and other, I’ve watched my them relentlessly hustle to make a living, to get by; my mother is the Queen of hustling, so I know that “…good things come to those who hustle while they wait,” spoken by the most innovative creative genius to live: Thomas Edison – I’m aware of the demands of the system, I know what it’s there for and I know why it exists. So what did I choose to do? I chose the most difficult but most rewarding path – the path of the artist. I consciously chose to pursue something that most people only dream of doing – I chose the rejection, I chose to be a rebel, an outcast, before I had ever known that I was born to be one. It takes only a moment of trying what interests you to unlock to the door to so much more; and this door quickly lead me to discovering my purpose, my innate drive, I was still a lost dissident that no one else besides himself could guide, but when you truly seek it, the road to passion, to meaning, it’s second nature to our existence. And in order to find your passion you need to try things that you’re interested in, things you fear, and society doesn’t make that easy; it wants you to do what’s expected of you, and what’s expected of you is what the consensus validates as a collective morality, a social status, a compliant place in the hierarchy of this world we live in. The herd loves what it is and despises what it is not.


In society we should be entitled to food, shelter and water – necessities that shouldn’t be taxed or monetized. We should become self-reliant agriculturalists and creators, free of a system put in place to imprison. Those who want more should be able to get more, those who want to just survive with what they’re entitled to shall do that just that, and with more time to do what they’ve always dreamed of doing, with the time and a pressure-free way of life. Only parties will put restrictive-words to label this, and in these parties are masses of men joined to do one thing and one thing only: control.


I seek stardom in my own realm of existence, and though a newly evoked fame and social status will come from the success of the craft that I chose, they are not my core drives. I desire social comfort and freedom from what’s been created, as well as to free my family from the burdens of society, of man. I’ve seen the sacrifices and the selflessness first hand, I’ve felt the belief and the support, and I’ve also felt the fear of failure. I’ve seen my mother constantly rise and repetitively overcome whatever problem came her way and I’ve seen the resilience that I see in myself, the pure compassion and persistence, even in the toughest of times. I’ve seen an individualized core belief system first hand, which helped me define mine and I continually do so – I do have something to say, sometimes too much to some… but I’d rather have too much to say than too little. I’m famous; my audience just hasn’t found me yet.


After seeing my family constantly rise to the occasion, becoming masters of their own craft and constantly overcoming, while being attacked with the demands of living, when living should really be effortless – to them, to my audience, I say: I’m here to liberate you from yourselves only to find your Self – I’m here to entertain but more importantly I’m here to evoke individuality, self-awareness, compassion – I’m here to undue what’s become of the world we live in. I’m here to fuck shit up; I’m here to fuck the system up. I’m here to mend the soul.


It’s forever been a dream of mine to provide for my family, to support them and take care of them like they have done for me and continue to do so – but I can’t do that on the wrong path. My purpose lies greater than security in a society that breeds sheep. Great fortune lies upon my path but with so much more obstacles to get to it as I become its ever-evolving master. You are either all in or all out – there is no sometimes; it is all the time. It is structure, discipline, work. This takes practice and it is my own. And those who don’t believe can live their perpetual misery in their false sense of comfort. Fuck you and the nothingness you choose to be out of fear. Let these words wake you up. I write for ‘the few’ that listen. These words aren’t meant for all because all is lost – these words are for the chosen ones and they decide themselves; I’m simply a reminder and no greater than they are. My words are the keys to your shackles because my words and your words; they are unearthly and beyond God – they’re universal. I choose to be the brightest star in the sky – and when I burn out, all will remember my hue. My tribe taught this to me, it’s been engrained in me since before I was born; it’s been in my blood since before I was even a thought.


Try things, never give up – I believe in me. Do you?


“Chase after money and your heart will never unclench.” – Lao Tzu


“One must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”

“You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how can one become new if one has not yet burnt to ashes?” – Zarathustra (F.N.)

©2019 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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