Poems of Love’s Consequence


I can’t remember,

It protects my heart,

The day you tore our world apart;

It was all a dream,

All an illusion;

A blissful cancer,

A heavenly contusion.



I believe in me,

Do you?

I’d give you a mirror

But you wouldn’t have a clue;

Settle for less

And you’ll get less –

Give up your dreams

And enjoy your mess.



You chose death,

You throw yourself away

For a superficial play!

It’s too late…

Goodbye –

You’ve smothered that

Sparkle inside my eye.



I never knew you,

A perfect dream;

A toxic nightmare,

Abrupt and foreseen –

Your lips lie

And I continue to die;

I dreamt you up,

A fictitious lie.



I don’t know you,

You’re beyond a mystery,

It seems like yesterday

Was heavenly history –

I’m caught in a riptide

But I think I’ll swim;

I threw my love away

To reach

The surface again.



The ocean erodes the sand

As you let go of my hand,

A piece of me is taken

And the current is mistaken;

A bond was broken

With words unspoken –

I won’t fight the tide

Because I’ll drown,

But that doesn’t mean

It’ll erase my frown.



You smothered me,

Suffocated my flame,

Thanks to you

My heart will

Never be the same.



I fear the sight of you,

My heart,

It skips;

And that is true –

I live blindly because

You killed me;

You took away what thrilled me:

Our love –

The storm comes and goes,

It’s within my soul

I’ll forever know.



It was so easy

For you to say goodbye,

So easy to watch me die;

It’s as if you never existed –

A precious dream

And then a nightmare

I was gifted.


The One

You are the greatest

Of them all,

You caught my heart

And made me fall;

A perfect picture

And shattered glass –

An inanimate delusion,

That doesn’t last.



The cold rain fuels me

As your burning fire

Cools me –

You betrayed our

Sacred pact,

You spoke false words

And took them back;

You’re dead!

I don’t want you –

Let my success

Forever haunt you.



I remember the first time

After we kissed,

The heavenly feeling,

An amorous bliss;

Though your poison destroyed me

And these memories hang me on the

Void tree;

A heavy branch

I can’t seem to break,

Opening my heart to you,

What a mistake –

You left me hanging –

All the leaves of tears,

Dried up memories,

So painful,

The veins of the years –

I think back to the day

That we were one,

And now I write

To the

Invisible none.


My Dream

I met you in my dreams

And how real it felt –

Now I reflect

And my eyes begin to welt;

I still seek reassurance,

So much so I blame myself;

As I walk the halls of familiar faces,

Fearing the steps of familiar places,

I look to the swinging swing –

There’s only one;

It gives off a haunting ring

Buried with so much fun;

You were stubborn

But you saw the truth,

You spit out the poison

And craved your youth –

I was blinded, confused, and without reason,

I’ve been counting on my fingers

The change in the seasons;

Days go by and I continue to cry,

Wishing for you to come back,

To never die –

Just like in reality

You were confused and stubborn,

But in this dream

You were challenged with prior choices

To be yearned –

You ask to be with me

And I see right through you;

I speak to the ghost of a girl I once knew;

How you’ve fooled me

As hopeful thoughts ruled me –

The world would end before we danced as friends –

A calloused nightmare

As I wake up to the girl

That was once here.



I sleep with my words

Because they’re all I have;

These feelings and memories,

The good with the bad –

You’re everything to me,

The key to my soul;

It is within you

That I am whole –

The wanderers only visit

But they can’t seem

To live it.


2019 © Michael Angel Loayza Jr.    Purchase My Poems!

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