Stoicism and the Law of Attraction

Like many great teachings and ways of life that have become close to extinct whence Christianity came to be, growing like an infectious, poisonous disease of the mind, body and spirit; Stoicism greatly dissolved and is almost unknown to the “conventional” public and only taught in colleges to those pursuing either Philosophy or a form of litigious hierarchy of the corrupt judicial system: Law.

Stoicism is fundamental when realizing that Life is impermanent and is to be lived within our own determined virtue, not by an ego-driven ‘moral code’ but a code that must be created by oneself with the effort of “hard work” (to the lazy minded.). Reflecting upon Death and Nature’s uncontrollable ways leave a field of openness with perspective and self-developed meaning through the temporary states of our nature.

When you come to terms that Time was a only created to have a sense of control of all that is uncontrollable: life becomes much more simple. I could die as I’m writing this… Am I dead? Did I die? To my perception no, I’m still here. But my perception and time do not exist in the Laws of Nature; my spirit is my own with fragments gifted to the ones who love me. Life will go on long after my death. (Which absolutely shatters my ego.)

I wonder if I write and create to derive lasting impressions, having some sort of immortality amongst men (and women); it is most definitely one of the reasons among many: I create for my own self and growth of me as a whole, as well as an infectious evolution of documented time of the states that I’ve learned to grow from and make mends with; many of the times being incredibly entertaining: a Greek tragedy.

Film, books, art: they seem to be all that live endlessly – that is until they are destroyed by man or the Laws of Nature. Come to think of it, using the word ‘Law’ is inefficient when it comes to describing Nature because nature doesn’t apply to law but more to the ‘Ways of Nature’ – unpredictable and temperamental. Laws are created to solidify and secure; the ‘Way of Nature’ shall be the only phrase to come out of my mouth. There is no superior discovery here, it’s found in a book older than the universe.

The ‘Law of Attraction’ is a concept created by humans to create positivity and hope depending on the perspective of the individual. It works both optimistically and pessimistically: if pain is sought after then pain will be found as well as the same for happiness, pity, grief et cetera. Though the beauty of the world and nature is divine, and quite simply the most godlike principal of the ‘law of attraction’; it is that of the spirit of the human mind to be hypersensitive to its surroundings and tentatively grasp things that are essential to what they as whole truly desire; a creative manifestation of the highly evolved mind working with nature on a mutual respect basis; stemming back to my core belief that we as an untainted society are naturally created to be creative. It takes procreation to become a creation and then only to create even more; and that is not just to birth a living being, but what is even more important is to create a piece of art to establish and evolve culture and way of thought – or even to provoke thought, which is highly difficult to do in this day.

The ancient Stoics would easily simplify ‘the laws of attraction’ into a metaphysical world of hope – which leads to the toxic idea “if only,” and most times without implied intent. “One day things will become better,” said the Christian man, “in the next life.” It is not enough to change your ways of thought but more so to observe your pattern of thoughts and use them to propel you to becoming an unconditioned being with an individual code of virtue; a being that doesn’t just used the temporary state of emotions to propel you with the false hopes of success: it is only a deeper level of self-understanding that the mind is beyond nature and at the same time working with it; and only with action and meditation will your world be what you want it to be or see it as.

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©  2018 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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  1. Wow I don’t even know what to say to that that was beautifully written very true you are an amazing writer

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