Why I curse.

“Fuck you!” says the milkmaid to the lactose-intolerant master.

I “curse” or “swear” to show my broadly diverse vocabulary, that abstains from segregation, favoritism, appropriatism¹ and dictatorship of the “English” language; to enlighten the obedient that our speech is governed similar to how the conventional world is ran: with censorship cloaked in righteousness due to the culture of favoritism and lack of etymology – thus attempting to separate and build a wall amongst the arts, keeping all that is uncomfortable  and unacceptable away from the eyes and ears of both the “chosen” and societal abiding people.

Who is to say what word makes anyone feel uncomfortable? only you yourself do! Make a conscious decision, you lazy fucking idiot. They’re words, they can dive deep, or  float; it’s the action hiding behind the dialogue. You don’t go to a play or the cinema to watch and listen to words be effortlessly spoken; there is a meaning behind the words through action of the actor, because only an actor can give it meaning – and only a coward can make an actor seem bad by the governance of moral codes.

But the coward does give the actor his individuality – maybe we do need cowards to give our actors truthful actors meaning.

¹ The belief created by mass society that determines the appropriate words to be spoken, books to be read, films to be watched and education to be taught; due to their warped sense of hierarchy – tyrants over language as a whole. And most likely because they heard the words: “Fuck you, Cunt!” one too many times, later rendering the words that they deemed “inappropriate” and banishing them in the name of their individual preferences. (And we all know that individual preferences lead to collective preferences over the lost and obedient – the ones who question nothing.)

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