Movies are an immense part of my life – for without them I most likely wouldn’t have found writing: an emotional exuberant. Watching the big screen and envisioning myself on it was, and still is, the most euphoric, vein-pulsing thrill. Another factor that lead to my creation of words was due to the lack of auditions I had received as an actor, but the truth serum to my existence was the infectious laughter of students  once I had began writing for them.

I will create my own worlds not waiting for anyone else. I lift the pen, the camera, the microphone. I am one of the most influential people to ever live and my words will be prayers of the Known. As I’ve said, my audience is out there lurking, they just haven’t found me yet and vice versa.

Using “uncomfortable situations” and exposing them for what they are: film and literature, a growth-inducing experience and an inexplicable form of entertainment (Life’s candy) – this is my life. These films, papers, books, scraps, notes – they’re my legacy; to enlighten the closed minded and bring together all in thought and embrace the boldly blatant.

Conquer yourself and become what you’re meant to be – the creative genius lingers in me.

Sincerely the scribble of a passionate-madman,

Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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©2018 Michael Angel Loayza Jr.

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