Michael Loayza’s passion for acting, writing and filmmaking came from a truly deep rooted place in his heart for the love of evoking human emotion: whether it be good or bad, sad or funny, as long as the audience feels something to make them feel alive (insert sarcastic smiley face with middle finger). Because that’s what life is about, feeling alive, living. His/My (I slipped out of 3rd person for a moment… MY bad) artistic abilities to create and portray whatever character or project he is involved with is truly set forth with great diligence (that sounded awesome). His passion for creativity runs deep, so deep that it surpasses the deepest parts of the Mariana Trench.

Now that you’ve listened to me bounce back and forth from 3rd person to 1st person like a ping-pong ball, let me thank you for taking time to read about me and visiting my Website. Now, in 1st person, let me tell you some of my accolades and credentials. In the short time that I have been acting and film-making, I’ve written, directed, acted in, and self-produced several films (13 or so – including 2 feature films). I was a leading role in an off-off Broadway show and I loved it, which propelled me to write a couple plays that we’re in the process of producing with my production company LowWiseZah Studios. I’m currently (and always will be) in the process of writing, producing and directing my own films, and also looking for the partnership of other production companies to assist in making all of my screenplays a technicolor-reality. I’m truly dedicated to the craft and artistic process of originality and perfection – or as close to perfection that exists. You won’t meet a more determined being than I. With all this being said, go enjoy your day, smile… and watch my Films!

I look forward to hearing from you and entertaining all of you.

All the Best,

Michael Angel Loayza Jr.